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    Reasons why you may not be the rich man:

    Your car you bought it to impress whomever is looking at it instead of “just simple transportation to get me down the bumper car road of life with very little expense.

    Living above your means – I deserve what I have and I will pay for it over time and into the future. You are building other people’s wealth and not your own.

    No savings and investments – what me worry. I have time to do that later. Time is not on your side but on the side of money. Money can earn you wealth while you work, sleep, eat and play. Don’t put all your ingenuity in one box. People come along and kick boxes and they deteriorate. Have many boxes for your savings and investments. You have heard that expression “boy, time sure does fly”. It will do the same for you.

    I love my job. I hate my job. I wish I had another job. I like the job that my neighbor has. I like the job that my friend has. Get off this broken record. Take your job and make it the best job in the world at the present time. If you get too good, you will be surely moved because of “duh management decisions”. A bank teller was always friendly, helpful and efficient with her customers. One day a CEO came in and asked her if she would like to come to work at his company. Some of the greatest movie stars were discovered sitting on a stool at the pharmacy soda fountain bar or on the street.

    The dictionary is only on average 2 ½ – 3 inches thick. Let it be one of your first novels. Knowing words can make great first impressions. There are no second first impressions. Always be eager to learn and go with the flow of the job. Don’t get stuck in a rut and let the rest of the company move on without you. People that want to move up don’t look down as they ascend the ladder of success.

    You inherited your ancestor’s gene that causes packratism. It was on sale so I bought it. I found it cheap at a yard sale. I have one and now I have a set. Two is better than one. Buy-two-get-one-free. Now you need more room for all your stuff. Buy the cheapest and get more. Stop and think before you buy. Visualize what you will do with it and how many times you will have to dust it.

    Buy a small starter home and add on later as the family grows. Sell and buy a slightly larger one as the family expands and your career moves you up the ladder. A large home requires larger repair bills, larger heating and cooling bills, larger taxes, larger cleaning requirements, larger cans of paint, larger crews for repairs, larger roofing bills, larger water bills, larger carpet bills, larger plumbing bills, larger pest control bills, larger electric bills, larger window surfaces to clean, larger areas to dust, larger areas to vacuum, larger areas for walking, larger security bills, larger insurance costs, larger decorating bills, larger mortgage payments, etc., etc.

    Enjoy what you have right now. I don’t know how many times I have heard such things as: if only I had saved some money, if only I had saved more money, if only I hadn’t used those credit cards, if only I had taken that advice, if only I had invested earlier in life, if only I hadn’t spent my share of the inheritance, if only I had taken some financial classes. The list goes on.

    Very few poor men or women create jobs. It takes money to create jobs.

    (to be continued as long as I am poor and heading toward wealth)

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    Geography is basically the dirt you are standing on, standing above, floating over or flying over right now. This dirt has a name (not the mineral makeup) – it could be named the United States, it could be named Canada, it could be the Pacific Ocean, and yes it could be North Korea.

    Back to America, despite what Barack Obama (Black American’s answer to White Americans Alfred E. Newman) basically said, “I have visited 57 states”. I think he wandered a bit and made a faux pax and was probably thinking about the 57 states of the Islamic federation. Something he shouldn’t be aware of being a Chicago Christian in the same chuch for 20 years. You may be able to see a video of Obama saying this at the DNC ( www.democrats.org ) web site (search for it, but I doubt it is their site). You can find it at this site if no luck on the DNC site.

    The last map of the U.S. I saw recently only had 50 states. The 49th floated way up to the northwest due to global warming causing it to break away from Washington state. I believe it was an awkward Jet Stream coming out of Washington, DC that caused this part of the country to break off and float away. Russia found it and instead of giving it back to us they in turn sold it to us.  The 50th state floated west out into the Pacific due to more global warming as 8 chunks of ice caps breaking off from Oregon. I was surprised when I noticed there were no blue states and red states like the biased media has been brainwashing the general public in America. This map was most green and it was titled “UNITED STATES”.  For those of you that skipped geography in school, the U.S. started out as 13 states. Someone I used to know, Marmaduke Spurgeon, probably didn’t like the number 13 and evidentially wrote several representatives a scroll of complaints and told them “let’s move on to 14, I don’t like black cats either.” If Obama had not refused to wear a flag lapel pin and place his hand over his heart as the national anthem was played, maybe he could have looked down and counted the 50 stars on the flag which represent the 50 states of America.

    People, lets get something straight here when it comes to geography. Fact: Canada is north of the U.S. (or UP for a simpler way of saying it). Fact: Mexico is south of the U.S. (or DOWN for the pacifists out there). There are rumors that Mexico now wants a fence between them and the U.S. to keep doltish Americans out of their country. They want to progress (go forward) instead of digressing (going backwards).

    Hints On What Oceans Flank America

    Here is a simple way of knowing which oceans the U.S. is surrounded by. A large number of pacifists live on the west coast (clustered in California, Oregon and Washington state). They are sometimes know as the left over “hippies”. Remember pacifists live on the Pacific Ocean – the LEFT coast. God put up a big mountain chain to keep that flock separated from the rest of his flock to the east, but it seems to be flowing over eastwardly. Now, if we look at the RIGHT side of the U.S. map we see where the Atlantic Ocean is located. This area of the country there is a well known city called Atlanta, Georgia. Remember, Atlantians live on the Atlantic Ocean. Now every one should know the oceans that flank the U.S. I will not be giving you a test -only your friends someday sitting around discussing geography.

    That Other Body Of Water

    Lets not leave out the Gulf of Mexico on the map. Scientist say it was made by a giant meteor that struck that part of North America. The large crater filled up with water and is now called the Gulf of Mexico. There are rumors that aliens were surfing that meteor when it hit the earth and they all were thrown in the area of California – its just a rumor.

    Now lets learn where the Gulf of Mexico is located. Imagine you are in a canoe (not pronouced “ca-no-ee”, but “ca-new”), the one that looks like it doesn’t know its frontend from its backiend. Native Americas used them extensively if they lived near water.  OK, you are in the Atlantic Ocean off southern tip of Miami (Floriduhcuba – used to be Florida) and you row west (going LEFT on a U.S. map) around the last stretch of sand and dirt in Floriduhcuba (Key West, Florida). If you will look at a U.S. map, it’s those little skinny chain of islands trying to get away from the Miami area.

    Now STOP rowing and look to your right (hold out your right arm and point) – this is (Floriduhcuba (Florida). Now look to your left (hold out your left arm and point) – this is Cuba. You do not want to wander over there – something about a time warp going on that tiny island. A place where a 1956 Chevrolet is the newest automobile within 90 miles. Now pick up your oar and continue rowing west until you get really, really tired. Now you are in the Gulf of Mexico. You left the Atlantic Ocean and now you are in the Gulf. Since you are in a canoe, Cancun, Mexico is on your left (where Americans go on vacation to get away from the US’s illegals problem. Remember Cancun (as in Cancunians – population approx. 33,273) live and play on the beaches on the LEFT and America (as in Americans – population 300,000,000 (300 million and still aborting – and the government is losing count) live and play on the beaches on the RIGHT (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas shorelines. You know – those coastal dwellers that keep getting blown away year after year, year after year , year after year and they keep moving back to do it all over again at the inlanders expense.

    If I were elected president I would give everyone living within 25 miles of the ocean 30 years to clear out (get out of town). Using “Imminent Domain”. Then I would make all coast lines a Federal Access Park stretching 25 miles inward in all states bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico from Virginia to Texas. The national guard would pull 2 week rotations in the park to keep them safe and it would be their training grounds a well. They could train to do remedial things like “GUARD OUR SHORES”. This would include hotels, motels, businesses and homes. The Native American Indians knew better than to live on the beaches. They only visited the coast to catch fish and gather food and then return to their villages built on safer grounds. Like President Bush said in a speech, “fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

    Those Confusing U.S. Rivers

    Just because the river’s name is Tennessee River, doesn’t mean it is in Tennessee. That only means it originated in Tennessee. So when you look at a map and you see a river (e.g. Arkansas River goes through Kansas – Toto, we’re going through Kansas now).

    A word of caution… if you live down stream on a river (w-a-y, w-a-y down stream) you may want to move (see my 3pt. text disclaimer). Because all the people up stream are polluting your drinking water something terrible. If you only knew what man is dumping into our clean God given waters. Now, if you get upset because this describes your water – you may want to be active in riding U.S. Rivers and streams of pollution and write your representatives. Now you may be like a lot of today’s mislead Americans (MISCANS) – “I don’t care ‘cause I drink soda and beer, why else would they come in flavors and colors -duh.” Personally, I am not pushing extreme pollution control here – just START cleaning up our environment and set a goal that is reasonable instead of causing judicial joblessness, price increases, shortages and shut downs ( JJPISS ).

    Everyone should at least know the 8 major rivers in the U.S. They are: Columbia, Colorado, Missouri, Brazos, Rio Grande, Mississippi, Ohio and St. Lawrence. The acronym to help you remember these 8 U.S. major rivers is: “Lawrence, Oh Mi, Miss Columbia’s Grande Bra ColorS”.

    America’s Mountains

    America’s lower 48 states has two major mountain ranges, the largest is on the Western part of the U.S. map (Rocky Mountains) or to those that don’t know directions (<– that way) and the medium range mountains are on the Eastern part – Appalachian Mountains (that way –>). Think of it as comparing Rocks & Apples. There are lots of rocks on the Rocky Mountains and lots of apples on the Appalachian Mountains. Say it again “Rocks & Apples.” By the way “Appalachian” is pronounced Ap-pa-lay-chin.

    Speaking of GEOGRAPHY, here is an example of one type of secret donor LIBERAL (donor code name Olive Oil) who probably donated to and supported Obama’s LAND-o-CHANGE. See tilted and leaning left actress Joan Collins do the weather.

    (to be continued ‘As The World Turns’ and changes)

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    Twitting Away

    I saw on the news recently that Big Brother has been monitoring TWITTER. You know that site where the world’s population communicates with one another. If this came out publicly, then Big Bro is doing other things as well.

    In the state of Oregon

    A very liberal state where if you want to go to the mailbox in the nude – you have the right to do so (a state which already practices  the type of ObamaCare the President is pushing) an elderly woman has been fighting cancer and they informed her recently that they would no longer fund her cancer treatment but the state steps in and offers to fund for her to be euthanized (convenient suicide – remember Dr. Jack Kavorkian – “Dr. Death” who was sent to prison for assisting people to committ suicide?)  This could be you or me in the future, that is why a better plan has to be implemented. Even Canadians are saying, No, America! Don’t implement socialized medicine”!

    It is similar to what was practiced in Vietnam and in hospitals today.

    Definition of “TRIAGE

    (pronounced tree-odgggeee…the word has a similar ending sound as the ending of the car “DODGE”) but stretch it out.
    Its a noun, and another one of those words from the French.
    1. A process for sorting injured people into groups based on their need for or likely benefit from immediate medical treatment. Triage is used on the battlefield, at disaster sites, and in hospital emergency rooms when limited medical resources must be allocated.
    2. A system used to allocate a scarce commodity, such as food, only to those capable of deriving the greatest benefit from it.

    Continue to bi-pass or lie on forms and surveys – its not good for your future and learn to read between the lines because there is always an underlLYING REASON.

    Your health is your own choice. “You are what you pig out on everyday,” said a pig farmer. Or is it “you are what you eat.” Your health is inside and out. It is in your brain, it is inside your body or it flaps from your outer skin. A good way to start finding out about your health is to step on up on the dreaded weight scale. You know, that thing that just occupies space in the bathroom and intimidates you while you go potty (Bostonians, I’m talking about a commode here). It lies every time you step up to the facts.

    Until we wake up to the fact that if we cram 3000 calories in our mouth doesn’t necessarily mean 3000 calories come out in the bathroom. Any septic service man (or woman) will tell you he/she has never found any calories floating around in the sewage during his or her career. Note: this political correctness is word overkill.

    If the people of the government did anything right – it is the food labels found on our food packaging. Those guidelines tell us up front either how to stay slim or make us less slim. Learn to read the labels right after you learn how to use the TV guide and open child proof lids. Life is quite simple. It is made up of servings, fats, calories, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, protein, vitamins, water and minerals. Too much or too little of these can help you or hurt you. If you learn these 12 things too late in life, then you get to spend all your income on what is known as pharmaceuticals (that means drugs for those that don’t use a dictionary). If you believe in the “BIG BANG” these may eventually turn into 13 or more. If you believe in the fish came up out of the water and started walking over to the tree where the monkeys lived and told the monkeys to come down and start walking upright like me theory – then maybe someday a fish will hand you a perfect diet list for good health. But for now, let’s go by what we as humans have come up with through R&D (research and development) and just plain experience.

    Daily Health

    Wake up everyday (that is at the top of the list), eat right (get the daily nutrition recommended for the body – see food labels), use good hygiene (wash your hands often – those teachers told us to share, but lets not share our germs), eat healthy foods (excludes junk and most fast-foods), kiss the spouse, kiss the kids, earn a paycheck by working 5 days a week (or be the keeper of the palace and let the spouse work), pay into the tax system, maintain a budget and live within it (even Bill Gates of Microsoft has a budget), own fuel efficient vehicle(s), drive the speed limit (your tax money paid for and erected those signs to protect our children, be polite, don’t smoke or chew, use the cell phone safely, participate in your doctor’s recommended exercise, don’t take in any manmade altered, fermented, dyed, artificially flavored, enhanced liquids, unpronounceable imports, and drink plenty of water, have good bowel movements, pee out your daily waste and poisons (that is why we pee daily and have bowel movements). It really isn’t just a waste of our time several times per day for this natural body function – its healthy.

    Be Proud Of Your Bowel Movements

    If it is the color of typical cardboard box, that is typically a good color.
    Get familiar with the Bowel Movement Color Code (search “bowel movement color” at webmd.com).


    Get familiar with the pee and bowel movement color codes. Normal urine color is yellow (a straw color). A really light yellow may indicate you drink lots of water (water in – water out). Visit the web site UrineColors.com for more information.

    The three main causes of abnormal urine color are:

    A. Health issues

    B. Foods consumed

    C. Medicines taken

    Can you imagine how much money could be saved if people had to pass a urine test to get a job or public assistance.

    Have you every wondered why that electronic gadget you bought recently has been a lemon, or how about your car that has lots of glitches, or you can’t seem to get good help when you are shopping, or why your auto insurance has gone up again?  It could be because of the introduction of drug users in the work place are not up to par while making those products.

    Have you been to the emergency room lately? Do you want to know why you have to wait so long before being seen by a physician? It is because of all the stabbings, fights, shootings, and people overdosing on drugs that have clogged not only our hospital facilities but our judicial system as well. Hospitals and courts should have a separate setup for these repeat customers.

    If you want Skin Cancer here is how to get it

    • Having fair or light skin color (the sun knows no race, color or creed).
    • Living in places with intense sunshine (atolls, remote islands and sunny places to visit or live).
    • Having skin that burns easily (from pink to red like a graffiti artist painting speeding train).
    • Having light eyes and blond, red or light brown hair (no blond jokes here).
    • Having a family history or personal history of skin cancer (those ugly genes and the family tree).
    • Having a fun and sometimes not so fun outdoor job (e.g. lifeguard without an umbrella).
    • Having severe sunburns as a child (“yo momma’s fault”).
    • Taking medicines that lower your immunity or certain medications that increase your sensitivity to sunlight (you know, that stuff that shrinks your wallet at the doctor’s office and pharmacy).
    • Blessed with an abundance of large, ugly (u-g-l-y) and irregularly-shaped moles.

    If you don’t want Skin Cancer here are some tips to help Protect Yourself?

    NOTE: this includes smoggy, cloudy or overcast days as well:

    • Apply an earthly “Star Wars” shield (sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or greater 30 minutes before sun exposure and then every few hours thereafter.
    • UV protection – Select cosmetic products and contact lenses, sunglasses that offer UV protection.
    • Avoid prime time peak UV radiation hours (direct sun exposure 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.)
    • Hide by covering up like a spy when going outdoors (slip on a long sleeve shirt or put on that ugly hat someone gave you).
    • Avoid cocoons and artificial sales technology spins (tanning beds and sunlamps). After all we were born pink and why does everyone try to change their color pallet.

    Body Talk

    Communicate with your body. It will talke to you. Those sick feeling you get sometimes, that fainting feeling, that pain in your abdomen, a pain in your leg, an aching deep down in your back, excessive gas, the color of you fingernails, the color of your feet, those eyes that look bloodshot, the hair on your head seems to be dying and has no sheen or body to it, feeling tired even after a good rest or night’s sleep. These are all voices coming out of your body.

    Get To Know Your Ticker

    The engine in your vehicle is the equivalent to the heart in your chest. Your vehicle want run too long without the right fuel, oil, maintenance and TLC. The same goes for your ticker – that heart thing that beats:

    ~ 70 beats per minute
    ~ 4,200 beats per hour
    ~ 100,800 per day
    ~ 705,600 per week
    ~ 2,822,400 per month
    ~ 33,868,800 per year

    Check out [http://www.acofchattanooga.com/] and [http://www.acofchattanooga.com/PageHeart.html]

    Dizzy In The Shower?

    When taking a shower and you have moments of being unstable while you have suds all over your face. Place one hand on the shower wall. It will help keep you anchored to earth and keep vertical. By memorizing your surroundings will help too – shampoo, soap location, where the razor is, the scrub brush, which way is up, etc. Another safety tip, be aware of the shower floor, this is where you can lose your footing and end up with some broken calcium infrastructure (bones for you offshore doctors) that may take weeks and months to heal not to mention draining your financial investments. Don’t be dancing in the shower – singing is good.

    Little Bit Shakey In The Hands?

    Use your fingers. Example: if you are trying to pour the mouth wash into the lid to rinse your pie hole (mouth), as you pour, stick out one finger from the hand holding the lid and place it on and near the spout of the mouth wash bottle. This acts like a guidance system to sneak up on the lid to which is your goal to Fill and not Spill.

    (to be continued)


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