• 18Oct

    Reasons why you may not be the rich man:

    Your car you bought it to impress whomever is looking at it instead of “just simple transportation to get me down the bumper car road of life with very little expense.

    Living above your means – I deserve what I have and I will pay for it over time and into the future. You are building other people’s wealth and not your own.

    No savings and investments – what me worry. I have time to do that later. Time is not on your side but on the side of money. Money can earn you wealth while you work, sleep, eat and play. Don’t put all your ingenuity in one box. People come along and kick boxes and they deteriorate. Have many boxes for your savings and investments. You have heard that expression “boy, time sure does fly”. It will do the same for you.

    I love my job. I hate my job. I wish I had another job. I like the job that my neighbor has. I like the job that my friend has. Get off this broken record. Take your job and make it the best job in the world at the present time. If you get too good, you will be surely moved because of “duh management decisions”. A bank teller was always friendly, helpful and efficient with her customers. One day a CEO came in and asked her if she would like to come to work at his company. Some of the greatest movie stars were discovered sitting on a stool at the pharmacy soda fountain bar or on the street.

    The dictionary is only on average 2 ½ – 3 inches thick. Let it be one of your first novels. Knowing words can make great first impressions. There are no second first impressions. Always be eager to learn and go with the flow of the job. Don’t get stuck in a rut and let the rest of the company move on without you. People that want to move up don’t look down as they ascend the ladder of success.

    You inherited your ancestor’s gene that causes packratism. It was on sale so I bought it. I found it cheap at a yard sale. I have one and now I have a set. Two is better than one. Buy-two-get-one-free. Now you need more room for all your stuff. Buy the cheapest and get more. Stop and think before you buy. Visualize what you will do with it and how many times you will have to dust it.

    Buy a small starter home and add on later as the family grows. Sell and buy a slightly larger one as the family expands and your career moves you up the ladder. A large home requires larger repair bills, larger heating and cooling bills, larger taxes, larger cleaning requirements, larger cans of paint, larger crews for repairs, larger roofing bills, larger water bills, larger carpet bills, larger plumbing bills, larger pest control bills, larger electric bills, larger window surfaces to clean, larger areas to dust, larger areas to vacuum, larger areas for walking, larger security bills, larger insurance costs, larger decorating bills, larger mortgage payments, etc., etc.

    Enjoy what you have right now. I don’t know how many times I have heard such things as: if only I had saved some money, if only I had saved more money, if only I hadn’t used those credit cards, if only I had taken that advice, if only I had invested earlier in life, if only I hadn’t spent my share of the inheritance, if only I had taken some financial classes. The list goes on.

    Very few poor men or women create jobs. It takes money to create jobs.

    (to be continued as long as I am poor and heading toward wealth)


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