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    First of all since our country is being lead into socialism, the first phase of communism and dictatorship, I will use those kind of words to explain things. The Public is uninformed (lets call them ’uninforministas’). The uninforministas will pay what ever came so easily will so easily go away. The liar-nistas (LI-ARS) tell the uninforministas (“UN-UNs”) what they need to hear. It usually comes from a round table discussion in front of a TV camera. They know the times when to propogandaize. It is before lunch on Sunday mornings and late in the evenings Monday-Friday. They have to get to the UN-UNs before they get hold of their TV remote control. “Who are the LI-ARS?”, one may ask. They are groups of people that hide behind the walls of the TV networks. They gather the news from all over the world (including the U.S. – we are a renegade part of the world). They then rewrite the facts according to how they want to broadcast it over the taxpayers’ airways. It used to be called “freedom of the press”. Now it is called “editing the facts”.

    EXAMPLE ONE – the real story: Today near the borders of Sudan, Africa, a Muslim gang on horses rode into another village of neighboring Darfur killing Christians and slaughtering anyone in their cold blooded path to Mohammedism. Darfur is a region and former sultanate of western Sudan. Occupied since prehistoric times, the area fell to the Egyptians in 1874 and later to the British, who incorporated it into their holdings in the Sudan. The British were kicked out in 1956. They set fire to their houses, impelling little children on their machetes, killing the elderly and taking the younger males hostage to be converted to Islam soldiernistas and slaves-in-training. They grab up the young women who cling for life along the side of their horses. The young women will be used by these Muslim real estate grabbers as sex slaves and eventually killed.

    They will forcibly convert the Christians to Islam or they will die. Once converted they will be brainwashed and turned into soldiers. They will be promised 70 virgins if they die for their goal – conquer America and the world. Sudan is made up of “Arab” and “black Africans”–with diverse language groups, which causes a major political challenge is a easy door for Islam. Most of the 22 million Sudanese who live in this region are Arabic-speaking Muslims. They get boxes of money from their wealthy oil producing Arabs in the Middle East. Remember all those boxes that Saddam kept in closets and garden sheds around his many castles? The wealthy Arabs have already conquered the United Nations by gifts of boxes and boxes of money to their other Islamic brothers because they are the majority sitting in those voting chairs.

    The U.N. is a welcome mat for allowing Putin Russians’ lap dog Fido Castro to still hang around the podium. Putin Russians new missile base that is tied up at the docks of Venezuela’s “Hey Hugo Baby” Chavez and the Putin Russians’ short peoples representative Nutjob I’m-AmeanyJob of Iran to come and speak. Hate, Hate, Hate-filled speech toward America. “Oh, we love Americans but we hate the government and military that protect it,” they say. Think that expression over for a nanosecond Jeopardy theme music too). What would America be if not for our military and what little government we have left? Answer: we would be the American Division of the 57 Islamic states (you know when Obama messed up and misstated how many states he had been campaigning in – he said 57 states (Twilight Zone music playing here).

    Since the U.N has had its head in the sandy laden floors of the halls of shame, over 200,000 people have been killed in fighting in Darfur since 2003 and approximately 2.5 million are now refugees living in plastic, canvas and cardboard makeshift homes. Don’t confuse this now, I’m talking about DISPOSABLE people living in disposable plastic, disposable canvas and disposable cardboard. America alone has over 700,000 to 2,000,000 people homeless, according to estimates of the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty.


    Machete Defined – For you people out there that only watch horror movies, play computer games, watch sports on the tube, eat pizza, go to the movie, sleep in class, get your answers from the internet – a machete is a large, heavy knife with a broad blade, used as a weapon and an implement for cutting vegetation (no where in the dictionary does it mention its for removing heads of people). Mr. Webster, update your lexicon! Readers, read up on Genghis Khan (or Jenghis Khan) 1162?-1227 A.D. instead of the latest paperback tabloid best seller and Hollywood’s Entertainment Tonight (ET). Have you noticed how ET builds stars and people up one month and tears them down the next? It is akin to what the media is doing to Sarah Palin. Build up the women’s movement for a generation and turn on it the next generation.

    Back to the original thought – now remember fine misled people, this is the 21st century and we are talking about people riding horses, carrying machetes in a world where one can buy a Lexus that will parallel park itself and tell you when its time to go in for maintenance. A world where a plane will fly itself from New York to California or London while the pilots kick back, relax and tell stories of how long they can go without sleep.

    EXAMPLE TWO – Now it is the LI-ARS turn to rewrite and edit the genocide story mentioned in Example One (above) for American ears as follows:

    Today in the hot humid desert region of the west African region of Sudan a remote village was attacked by marauding rebels. These neighboring disputes have gone on for decades. Several huts were set afire and many were killed. Now it is time for a commercial break from our fine folks at VIAGRA, and when we return we will report on why the substandard grape growers of polluted California is competing with the beautifully romantic French chateau dwellers who own the best vineyards in the world.

    Here it is the 21st century.

    Some of the ROUND TABLE discussioners have come and gone. Some are still around.

    ~Peter Jennings of ABC went to Israel to prove if Jesus was really, really, really, really real.

    ~Bill Mar is going down the same road. “Religion is a farce – it is made up…ha…ha…ha…,” he says basically. My belief is my religion is an insurance against people like him. I love him and pray for him – that is another good thing about Christians. Barack Hussein Obama’s half ancestry all over the world are killing Christians like flies. Cutting-off human heads (mostly non Islamic). That cylindrical base right below your American ears.

    ~Michael Moore takes a mishap in America’s machine works and enlarges it way out of proportion. Have
    you ever had a mishap in your life or family that changed other people to only have negative opinions toward you?
    He takes a boat to Cuba catches a 57 Chevy cab with blue smoke coming out the back and is driven to the nearest medical facility on the far side of the island to check on their 21st 20th century socialized medical care. It took him a 90 mile boat ride to an 18th century island to see a doctor that told him, “Michael, you-a-need-a-to-lose-a-some-a-weight-a fat boy.”

    We all have faults but now people are making money out of publicizing them. How come Michael Moore didn’t do a special on America’s food intake, the FDA (Faulty Drugs and Agriculture) and nutrition in America? Let’s face it, Americans wanted bigger and “badder” cars – so Detroit gave us badder cars and when the energy crisis came along – Toyota and Honda was introduced to gas shocked Americans and Detroit turned into a rust bucket desert which attracted Islam like a magnet to metal to the Michigan state. After all, its just a hop, skip and a swim away from our open borders with “overwhelmed with Muslims” Canada. If your lucky and haven’t been to the Middle East and still want a taste of it and a sound of it – go to Michigan.

    The LI-ARS

    The solution according to the LI-ARS for the world’s problems is to go to the U.N. and let them handle it. The only thing they handle at the U.N. is money. The UN needs to move to Dubai (a desert oasis made rich by the U.K, USA, France, Japan and others) so it can sink in the sand with the rest of their high rises built upon sand. Not many God fearing architects work over there. For further reading consult Matthew 7:26.

    (to be continued as long as I’ m getting ripped-off by the sheikdoms from afar and near)


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