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    STOP going to pay-per-minute seats at professional games. Instead, start going to local games that keep the money local and helps support the community and schools. Places where the whole family can go and make memories instead of a special occasion once or twice a year due to the high cost of overpaid “professional” games. You know, those places where your children can learn 4-letter words every minute for free. It took you years to protect them from such language and now the “professionals” can teach them all the bad language they don’t need in a matter of hours. Cable TV is another daily “bad grammar sessions” for the kids while you are in the next room admiring their baby pictures. While you parent(s) are in the next room planning for their education fund – Hollywooddidit heads DUH, DUMB & DUMBER are entertaining your children over the airways through your brand new overpriced high-definition TV (HDTV) which comes without the need of a dictionary due to a lack of vocabulary increase in the “creative” dialogue.

    New York Minute Example
    2009, a new stadium (I will nickname it GOUGE ARENA) will be tracked on with spit, gum, pigeon droppings by fans that will pay big American faced money to see a game at the new state-of-the-art Yankee Stadium. Don’t trip on the in-the-red price tag hanging from high above ($1,300,000,000). For you that don’t have a bank account that is over 1 billion dollars. Just the payroll for the mostly foreign players will be over $200,000,000. If you want a  C-H-O-I-C-E  seat at Gouge Arena- fork out $2500 please, thank you and come back in a week and don’t let the turnstile hit your wallet on the way out.

    A neighborhood is supposed to sprout up around this “Roman trade in a Christian for a bag of popcorn” hangout. I hear it will be $5,000,000,000 in real Native American Indian dirt-estate. Those “keep up with the Joneses cities” are toe-to-heel in line with New York’s step out on a limb technique by planning new ball parks as well. Stand by for a tax increase near you coming soon. P.S. don’t try to sneak in your own snack sack because you will have it easier going through airport security with a “357 Maggie Scares Me” in your fanny pack (unless you are a non-Muslim or a non-Muslim woman in her eighties).

    A suggestion for protecting your children is to CANCEL the cable, put that monthly subscription into a “fun thing jar” and use that money to do fun things on the weekends. It is a reward after they put in a hard week at school, doing homework and a few chores that is good job training for their future. Children that don’t grow up with chores are behind when it comes to knowing what work is, a goal of getting it done and the satisfaction that something has been accomplished. Not to mention that someday they can look back at it and tell their own kids the kind of childhood they had. Ask your kid to go fetch a shelf stretcher and see what they come back with. Example – what sounds better: “I had to sit around and play computer games most of my childhood” or “I remember when I had to take out the trash, clean my room, vacuum, keep my clothes picked up, pick up and hang up my towel, homework 5 nights per week, conserve energy for future generations…etc., etc.”


    What SPORTS has become.

    For the sake of our grandchildren (and children)
    a new perspective needs to be sought out
    for our sport stars who are EXAMPLES
    for our young ones that look up to them.The sports and news media needs to do a 180 degree
    turn when these athletes pour out language that is becoming
    tomorrow’s accepted English and attitudes.

    I don’t want to hear what is being said in the pits,
    the bull pens, the sidelines, the stands, the press boxes either.
    Bring back the the multiple lettered words of English and
    enough of this abbreviated 4-lettered word language that
    has to come out of the trench mouth and slide across the index finger.

    I am tired of the crafty bleeps that the editing room lets ease out of their mouths.
    Lets get back to the Queen’s language.

    Here are 2 examples of deep down hate coming out
    of the mouths of top sports stars for the
    lower echelons as a warped perspective of the sport from two
    great sports heroes:

    From the lady of the sport:
    … an athelete that was weened on a tennis ratchet (yes I said ratchet) and later needs her mouth tightened and washed out with soap… swing at this link.

    From the gentleman of the sport:
    … an athlete so great, so loved, so famous, so looked up to – BLEW IT at the inopportune time. Dunk this link.

    A far cry from football’s late great Pat Tilman. Stand at attention to this link.

    (comments to be continued as long as people are preoccupied with the idolatry of sports and not their country)


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