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    America’s economic problems started when we gave away our technology, patents and jobs to countries that didn’t particularly like us to begin with. All my life I was taught that “The Russians are coming”;  The Chinese are communist”. So what happened. We became friends with people who’s goal is to wipe us off the face of the earth. Now we are bending over backwards to set Islam up on a pedestal over the religion that founded America. Their take over is being done by a “radical faction of Islam” and we can’t take responsibility for what they do due to political  incorrectness. Just you don’t racial profile us or we will sick CAIR on you (Council on American-Islamic Relations ). After all, Islam, Clinton and the ACLU stole Christmas. The word “CHRIST” is in the word. Islam considers Christ (Jesus) as just another prophet coming through town. The muslims prefer the expression “Holiday Season” instead.  “Merry Mohammedmas” just doesn’t sound too good to me.

    Have you ever wondered why the Vatican doesn’t tell the peoples south of the U.S. borders to stay home and fight for their freedom and country at home and build up their own economies. After all, Rome had to do that once upon a time. America had to do that as well and Europe had to do the same. All of a sudden it is OK to invade other countries by coming across there poorly guarded borders by the millions and expect everyone to accept it as if a welcome basket is awaiting them to overwhelm the infrastructure and cause havoc in all the U.S. budgets.

    Remember these two words (acronyms) that put lots of Americans out of work and a trickle is helping the U.S. in return. People that make 25 to 50 cents per hour can’t afford American made products:

    NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement. A 1994 agreement reached by the United States, Canada, and Mexico that instituted a schedule for the phasing out of tariffs and eliminated a variety of fees and other hindrances to encourage free trade between the three North American countries. Visit  this web site for more  info [http://www.investorwords.com for more info].

    U.S. businesses realized they could move to Mexico and manufacture their product and save almost 80 percent in labor cost. Then send the merchandise back to the U.S. and sell it as if the labor cost was still the going American labor rate. Another reason why your neighbors down the street are out of work. Mexican slave labor is being used. It is essentially 21st century plantation owners running slave shops with Mexico’s blessings. Reason number 513 as to why you should ask your retailer to purchase American made products.

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    N E I G H B O R S  Helping Neighbors

    Your neighbor is more important than you think. If you have a job, it may be that the neighbor next to you is purchasing what your job sales or manufactures. It also works in reverse. If your neighbor has money in his or her pocket she may be purchasing what you sale or manufacture.

    This system breaks down when you don’t buy or need what your neighbor sales or manufactures. If you bypass his product and buy an import instead eventually your neighbor will lose his or her job and the company of employment will close or move offshore. How do you cause this to happen? It is when you buy a foreign made vehicle instead of buying one made in the U.S. that your neighbor assembles daily in his or her occupation. This also means the tires, engine, interior, transmission, window glass, electronics, fuel lines, brake lines, brake pads, engine oil, safety features, carpet, gadgets, door handles, mirrors, trim, lights, radio, disk player, fabrics, floor mats, keys, door on the dash compartment, steering wheel, knobs, AC and heater units, radiator, rubber hoses, fan belts, etc. All these are separate jobs and manufacturing companies that keep your neighbors in a job.

    Some argue that American made vehicles are not as efficient or as economical and brake down sooner than expected. This is a problem on both sides of the ocean. We get what we demand as a consumer. American auto manufacturers are catching up to the demands of the public especially now that everyone has been blind sided by rising oil prices and gas prices. It may be the reason why your neighbor isn’t buying from your company and sales are slumping for you as well. It is a two-way street. Neighbor, I will help you and scratch your back if you will in turn return the favor.

    This graphic shows neighbors helping neighbors

    America of the Present

    This graphic shows neighbor not helping neighbor

    For a list of failed banks in the U.S. click the word POOF due to Americans not buying American made products such as VEHICLES, clothes, furniture, appliances, shoes, etc., etc., etc. NERDS and old Hippies, welcome to the reality of buying American products. On the way down to the unemployment line drive your BMW, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Kia, Hyunda or whatever foreign bank owned vehicle you might happen to hug. Oh, yeah! On the way there, count the number of Mom & Pops you have put out of business as well by shopping online and China’s Great Wal-Mart of China.


    Do you KNOW some of those that got out before the bubble burst and will now

    cost 300 million Americans | $ | 2 | 6 | 0 | 0 | and rising for OUR unfair share of the BAILout – and counting…

    Put it in perspective: this could have been a down payment on an energy efficient green vehicle, some new double-pane windows for the soon to be green home, some college tuition help, 3 vacations, that diamond gift for someone, a major repair on the old vehicle, some needed repairs for he home, pay toward medical bills, help for the parent(s) or grandparent(s), college books for a while, a shopping spree for Chiristmas, pay off a credit card like Dave Ramsey wants us to, that HDTV you need, etc., etc., etc., etc. et ceteras.

    If your are upset- WAKE UP AMERICANS !

    Write your politrixters in Wastinmoney, DC today. Let up know you woke up. For a change tell how you feel about the country instead of talking about fetchball, batball, gooolf ball, hitball, spitball, itsaracket ball, overpaid soccer run-amuckers ball, TeeHeeHee ball, ebonyball, blancoball, lost ball, Mulligan ball, and computer aim-a-gamers. Get Up Americans -get out of the ostrich position with your head in the cushion cracks and off the couch. Find pen and paper or learn the keyboard and start click-clacking and send that e-mail to your DEBTreps in Washington, DC.  Do you even know who THEY are? If not, can I come over to your bank owned hut and rummage through your imitation leather Chinese wallet, your “Made in China” piggy bank, the Chinese Dollar Store cookie jar and your foreign owned bank account for a while? It can be me or your Washington polimagicians – your choice you uninformed sports guru and master of none of the above.

    Does any one remember when George “the Daddy” Bush was vice-president? Again, U.S. taxbailers had to bail out the Savings & Loans businesses. The 1980s -1990s debacle was known as the “S&L Crisis”. Over 700 S&L’s failed costing the U.S. taxpangs over $160,000,000,000 ($160 billion for those that didn’t like their math teacher). Some calculators think its cost approximately $1.5 trillion. Daddy Bush’s son Neil (its Director) made millions of dollars in loans for 2 of his friends. Oops! Neil forgot to tell his fellow directors.

    When the bottoms fell out, the U.S. overtaxed payers bailed out the Silverado S&L to the tune of over a billion dollars. Is it a COINCIDENCE we have to bail out the home finance boiler rooms during the Presidency of George “Sonny Boy isn’t so shiny anymore” Bush administration? What Bush is going to make out on this one? Has anyone seen Neil lately? Where in the world is Neil Bush? Entrepreneurs, there is a game for you. The Daddy Bush’s “a new world order” seems to have become “the new world of disorder”.

    U.S. Gov Experts say MORE CHANGE a comin’:

    (Experts. Do they exist anymore since the collapse of the U.S economy?)

    The following is in small shameful print:

    ~Northeast will be hit hard by the BIG MELT (global warming).

    ~But yet our TOP leaders and experts couldn’t predict the collapse of the U.S. economy the day before it happened.

    ~We STILL can’t find Osama bin helpin’ al-Quida Laden, but our multi-billion dollar Hubble Telescope can find results of the BIG BANG –  12 billion light years away in space and they say if it could see just another billion light years they could see the actual source of the BIG BANG. Maybe next years yippee-budget.

    ~The same mini-Washington mouth piece says out one ear and amplified out the OTHER end:

    “OK. Abort’em!”  50 million and who’s countin’ from U.S. Abortion holocaust headquarters of the world. (Note: only God is countin’…)

    ~Doctors harvest them darn stems cells cause we need to tax’em,

    ~Hey! Up their in space, you one world gov. people on the ISS (Internation Space Station), we need to conduct more research up there

    to find life saving cures down here on earth – free choice is killin’ off future taxpayers.  And another thing – while you ISS big spenders IS up there, pickup up some of that garabage up there – we can’t keep up with it anymore.

    ~The American people don’t know if they have a Fashion Model or a First Lady in the White House, but we do know one of her children eats a lot of peanut butter sandwiches at school. (not my kid – especially since Jimmy Carter has thrown out the peanut industry with the bath water

    ~The Repubs in WashingITdown (or GuzzlinITdown), DC woke up and found out they have a low-life/pro-abortion/ProLife/same sex marriage pusher for a RNC chairman.

    ~This weeks crazy headline is: “We must FIX the “world’s eco-nomics problem” before we can fix our own at home. Duh! What home, are you

    including those that are not occupied or unfinished, abandoned or RE-re-Re-re-mortgage (maybe I should take off the letter “e” on the end

    and delete the letter “t” and coin the word “morgag” in the housing industry.

    ~Do you realize that if the “EbookinCrooks” and the “OopsForgoToPayMeTaxes” department heads in WashMyHands, DC could have exported the “housing industry” oversees and offshore, most of us would now be homeless and countryless and possibly floating NIKE feet up in the ocean somewhere out there lookin’ for Kansas.

    ~Education Note: Madoff will be teaching our next generation of financial crooks coming out of prison via the prison grapevine. So prepare your indebted grandchildren to read really fine print especially words such as: interest rate, dividends, goes-up-and-down like a roller coaster, trust us, trust in us, etc. You get the picture.

    ~Lord, please let those musical chair playin’ department heads up there in Wasawashington, DC, have wisdom enought to know where East Islam Canada is on a map.

    (to be continued as long as money is going out of the country in empty ship loads)


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