• 18Oct


    G.A.N.G (Gangs Aware of Nothing Good)

    Gangs are made up of kids and young men crying out, “I need a father, I need a mother, I need someone that loves me, please, please help me.”

    If I were in charge of taking care of the “gang problem” I would start a draft in the neighborhoods of where they are most grown on the streets – usually found growing along the sidewalks. I would harvest these misplaced seeds that have fallen in the cracks and graft them into things that are productive. First of all, when one has a job and puts out lots of effort during the day to get the job accomplished their body is designed to become tired and in need of rest here on earth. This means one has to go to bed to recharge for the next day. That is a big problem for our youth. THEY HAVE NO DAY JOB.

    They have to be drafted off the streets and given a day job to keep them busy. Unfortunately, it will be the police’s job to do the drafting.

    This is where the community comes in. An organized community group set up to provide jobs for these youth. Examples: a community where there are gangs has plenty of fix-up needs. Homes in need of painting, in need of a new roof, a repair on a picket fence, lawns need to be mowed, trash needs to be picked up, those broken beer bottles rainbow displays of glass that cover the grounds, alleys and streets. Trees need to be trimmed and pruned. A Johnny Appleseed (you know, John Chapman’s idea) group needs to be formed to plant God’s food on trees along the streets and yards. Look around, there are plenty of Abraham’s favorite trees (Genesis 18:1; 21:33; 35:8; I Kings 13:14) and other trees out there that are older than the community and they are beckoning for weary people to come stand under them. Wal-Mart birds need to be replaced with singing birds that bring calmness to the communities. Old tires (mosquitoes resorts) need to be recycled. Beer cans and bottles need to be sent back to the brewers as evidence to their contribution to decay. Vehicles mounted on blocks set aside as “eye sore yard art” for the next generation of hybrid car owners. The rusting roosts for birds need to be recycled and turned into cash for a real sculpture. Playgrounds need to be set aside for the little ones coming up. Sidewalks need to be repaired. Speed bumps need to be strategically located in the streets to slow down Cadillac Escaladers and the wannabe Mercedes NASCAR driver imitators.

    Clothing worn by the gangs must be thrown aside and matching T-shirts with neighborhood slogans. Their low-riding pants, a society indicator to me that says “MAKE WAY, LOW I.Q. HERE – move to the other side of the street and pray for me along the way.” This type of clothing needs to be exchanged for kaki pants with a belt and hang several inches below the navel. You know, that dimple or big pimple on the surface of the abdomen of mammals where the umbilical cord was attached during gestation. Or for you Star Buck scholars – also called umbilicus. Speaking of Star Bucks…or as I say “Ten Bucks”, its people like you with coffee stained designer clothes that can help contribute to a program such as this “Community Draft”. Maybe you all can contribute to the “Paint Brigade” to help paint the communities’ homes and cover over the graffiti.

    The problem with gangs is growing and now they are located in the rural areas as well. They learned that from the notorious Al Kay-duh that they can hide in the rural areas as well. The cancer spread out of town and expanded to the countryside and caves. They ran out of wall space in the cities for their graffiti. They are crying out for help and self-control. Every stop sign that has graffiti on it makes the statement “STOP! Help me. I’m a gangrene on society.”

    If local companies could take in these young men and train them in a skill by veteran skilled workers. Every company should draw a circle around their location with a five mile radius and adopt some of the problems within this circle.

    Go to the community and ask, “how can we help make our community better?” Small businesses can draw a circle that is a mile in diameter can do the same. After all, our community is what we make of it – not what it will make of us. Ask not what can my community do for me – ask what can I do for my community.

    For those living in gated communities with their heads in the sand – be aware, it is coming to your neighborhood soon.

    (more to come as the blight spreads across our neighborhoods)


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