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    W A R N I N G ! The following paragraphs mention the word “GOD.” It may be harmful to non-believers. It could taint your brain with joy, give you a night’s rest and change your life. Three letters that carry a lot of weight.

    I woke up this morning and saw God’s light he created and I knew, “I’m alive – thank you God for another day.” I looked around and the trees were still standing to give me daily fresh oxygen, the sun was where it should be, I was breathing air (that’s good), I heard some birds (free music everyday if you invite them into the yard), I looked out the window and my old Honda was still a Honda. A neighbor who believes in evolution tried to convince me that everything I have came from a “big bang” approximately a gazillion years ago (give or take a million years). So I’m keeping my old used Honda in hopes it will evolve into a Hummer (black, tinted windows, chrome ladder, patio on top for perching and grilling, big gas guzzling over priced tires, 200-gallon fuel tank (3 trips to the discount store), 6 months of extra payments for more headlights than necessary – stock item HBR5499320A8358LL4296XX54701-IBEMEUBU. I hope it happens soon because the neighbors are looking down their nose when I crank up the old used Honda and pull out of the driveway.

    Back to earth now I said my prayers and praised God for all His blessings – even the ones I don’t know about (Oops! I said it – my God is a male). I shower, pick a T-shirt of the day and I’m out the bedroom door and ready for what the day has in store.

    (to be continued the more the world gets crazier)



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