• 22Sep

    Hugo’s Putin

    Putin Russians are sending the next phase of threats to the U.S. This time they are heading to the warm waters of Venezuela where Hey Hugo Chavez (another OPEC wanna-be and Castro’s protege) is jumping up and down on the beach – “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming.” It is a gas thing. ‘Putin’ the squeeze on America’s “south forty neighbors.” The Russian ex-KGB leftover turned leader of Russia, is sending ‘Peter the Great’, a small pawn in this game (chess game piece) of Russia’s nuclear Navy which includes a huge battle cruiser and 3 screen ships (destroyers) also known as ‘sitting ducks for the bigger prize duck’. His goal is to abscise (cut-off) and divide the two Americas. Think of it this way, those ships docked in Venezuela are a floating missile base AIMED at the U.S. Dispite Washington’s corruption and nearly broke freedom loving remote controller junkies.  The communist brain washed and economically depressed South America want to blackmail us by inviting the Russains to dinner. Earlier while American’s were sleeping, watching football, gambling off-shore, playing computer war games, driving their bank-owned gas guzzler and not-payin’-attention-‘n-class-types – Russia is flying their bomber bears over with pieces of their air force. You know, such little pieces as ‘STRATEGIC’ bombers loaded to the gut with things that can remove Miami from the map as Fido Castro would enjoy seeing done.

    The Kremlin recently has targeted the Caribbean, Hey Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, Fido Fidel’s brother’s Cuba and other Latin American countries. War between Russia and Georgia (no, not the state of Georgia – please come back all you people that moved out of Georgia into Florida due to the attack by Putin Russians) has caused a lot of movement on the chess board.

    Dick Tator Chavez has repeatedly warned that the U.S. Navy poses a threat to Venezuela.

    Putin Russia agreed to $4 billion worth of weapons to Hugo’s toy chest. Hugo must have been taught sharing by his mother because in return for Russian weapons he wants to share his resources. The toy list comprises of such things as submarines, fighters, helicopters, troop guns, air defense hardware and software, armored vehicles and plenty of classroom training. All this in exchange for scratching Putin’s back.

    Hugo’s Venezuela is the 9th largest oil siphoner in the world. He will give America a hand gesture as soon as Russia’s oil technology kicks in for him — another reason NOT to buy CITGO in a neighborhood near you.

    (to be continued)


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