• 23Sep
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    Some words of advice about the internet. Use it for a library (beware of lots of misinformation). Use it for a shopping catalogue – then go buy it from a store and keep your neighbor in a job. The shipping is a rip-off. If your internet purchase breaks one week later – it’s an uphill climb and most of the time – too bad. Try getting a customer service rep that speaks good English. It can really corrupt children’s minds. Porn is rampant on the internet and parent’s wonder why puberty sets in early. More and more of the internet is out to sell the information instead of making it available for FREE. It has redefined the word free. Free usually means 30 days later we change our mind and take it back Jack. Now you have to uninstall to prevent the crawls or it turns your computin’ into a Rasputin.

    It is good for ground anchored businesses but can be bad for cyber space anchored businesses- here today, move tomorrow. The internet is a mega-storage place for lies (another reason to be looking over the shoulders of your children on the internet. The one good thing about the internet is the e-mail, despite the SPAM and “You’ve Not Got Mail” bells and whistles. You can’t beat technology that gives you a mouse in one hand and an arrow on the screen that will click you around the world instantly. Ref: Daniel 12:4 …Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.”

    (to be continued)


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