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    Your health is your own choice. “You are what you pig out on everyday,” said a pig farmer. Or is it “you are what you eat.” Your health is inside and out. It is in your brain, it is inside your body or it flaps from your outer skin. A good way to start finding out about your health is to step on up on the dreaded weight scale. You know, that thing that just occupies space in the bathroom and intimidates you while you go potty (Bostonians, I’m talking about a commode here). It lies every time you step up to the facts.

    Until we wake up to the fact that if we cram 3000 calories in our mouth doesn’t necessarily mean 3000 calories come out in the bathroom. Any septic service man (or woman) will tell you he/she has never found any calories floating around in the sewage during his or her career. Note: this political correctness is word overkill.

    If the people of the government did anything right – it is the food labels found on our food packaging. Those guidelines tell us up front either how to stay slim or make us less slim. Learn to read the labels right after you learn how to use the TV guide and open child proof lids. Life is quite simple. It is made up of servings, fats, calories, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, protein, vitamins, water and minerals. Too much or too little of these can help you or hurt you. If you learn these 12 things too late in life, then you get to spend all your income on what is known as pharmaceuticals (that means drugs for those that don’t use a dictionary). If you believe in the “BIG BANG” these may eventually turn into 13 or more. If you believe in the fish came up out of the water and started walking over to the tree where the monkeys lived and told the monkeys to come down and start walking upright like me theory – then maybe someday a fish will hand you a perfect diet list for good health. But for now, let’s go by what we as humans have come up with through R&D (research and development) and just plain experience.

    Daily Health

    Wake up everyday (that is at the top of the list), eat right (get the daily nutrition recommended for the body – see food labels), use good hygiene (wash your hands often – those teachers told us to share, but lets not share our germs), eat healthy foods (excludes junk and most fast-foods), kiss the spouse, kiss the kids, earn a paycheck by working 5 days a week (or be the keeper of the palace and let the spouse work), pay into the tax system, maintain a budget and live within it (even Bill Gates of Microsoft has a budget), own fuel efficient vehicle(s), drive the speed limit (your tax money paid for and erected those signs to protect our children, be polite, don’t smoke or chew, use the cell phone safely, participate in your doctor’s recommended exercise, don’t take in any manmade altered, fermented, dyed, artificially flavored, enhanced liquids, unpronounceable imports, and drink plenty of water, have good bowel movements, pee out your daily waste and poisons (that is why we pee daily and have bowel movements). It really isn’t just a waste of our time several times per day for this natural body function – its healthy.

    Be Proud Of Your Bowel Movements

    If it is the color of typical cardboard box, that is typically a good color.
    Get familiar with the Bowel Movement Color Code (search “bowel movement color” at webmd.com).


    Get familiar with the pee and bowel movement color codes. Normal urine color is yellow (a straw color). A really light yellow may indicate you drink lots of water (water in – water out). Visit the web site UrineColors.com for more information.

    The three main causes of abnormal urine color are:

    A. Health issues

    B. Foods consumed

    C. Medicines taken

    If you want Skin Cancer here is how to get it

    • Having fair or light skin color (the sun knows no race, color or creed).
    • Living in places with intense sunshine (atolls, remote islands and sunny places to visit or live).
    • Having skin that burns easily (from pink to red like a graffiti artist painting speeding train).
    • Having light eyes and blond, red or light brown hair (no blond jokes here).
    • Having a family history or personal history of skin cancer (those ugly genes and the family tree).
    • Having a fun and sometimes not so fun outdoor job (e.g. lifeguard without an umbrella).
    • Having severe sunburns as a child (“yo momma’s fault”).
    • Taking medicines that lower your immunity or certain medications that increase your sensitivity to sunlight (you know, that stuff that shrinks your wallet at the doctor’s office and pharmacy).
    • Blessed with an abundance of large, ugly (u-g-l-y) and irregularly-shaped moles.

    If you don’t want Skin Cancer here are some tips to help Protect Yourself?

    NOTE: this includes smoggy, cloudy or overcast days as well:

    • Apply an earthly “Star Wars” shield (sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or greater 30 minutes before sun exposure and then every few hours thereafter.
    • UV protection – Select cosmetic products and contact lenses, sunglasses that offer UV protection.
    • Avoid prime time peak UV radiation hours (direct sun exposure 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.)
    • Hide by covering up like a spy when going outdoors (slip on a long sleeve shirt or put on that ugly hat someone gave you).
    • Avoid cocoons and artificial sales technology spins (tanning beds and sunlamps). After all we were born pink and why does everyone try to change their color pallet.

    (to be continued)


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