• 05Sep
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    The landscape in America is CHANGing – wooooeeeee!

    Many that see the link given below won’t understand probably what I am emphasizing here. This technique of using children for propaganda fodder in American politics. Probably most internet readers being too young to know or remember mad dictators of the past and the Islamic leaders of the present go heavy after young people to indoctrinate them and their families. Have you ever heard or seen this coming out of past American presidential campaigns? In many countries it is singing hatred toward America and democracy. This is a first for me to see children being used in a presidential race here on U.S. soil.

    Chanting is a typical starting place.
    Use to, little children would sing songs about God and Jesus. 
    I can't believe that is going on and being planned in America.
    See what I am talking about at the following link:

    Because my English teacher (Polly Correctnasty) wasn’t given a copy of McCain’s prepared speech ahead of time I cannot comment on its grammatical correctness. Since Sarah Palin was a member of the PTA, city council, mayor and is a governor doesn’t make her an English teacher but gives title to a speech writer. Any way, I will not bother to check McCains’s speech.


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