• 17Sep

    Some people are just plain dead. Some people are not. My parents and grandparents to the rest of the world are just plain dead. Elvis Presley is not plain dead. He still earns millions of dollars annually. My plain dead parents and grandparents don’t earn a dime. They have not contributed to the tax system in decades. They don’t have to worry about the death tax and property tax. As for their voting status, not to my knowledge. They have donated much to the America, they settled wilderness, lived in harmony with Native Americans until terrorism divided and built a wall of hate between the two peoples. They helped build a foundation that you and I are standing upon at this very moment. The ones that cared didn’t pollute and and leave broken signs of civilizations along the roadside. They were law makers that had Old Europe in mind and the things that worked and didn’t. I owe what I have and what I am to them and my Maker. I didn’t buy a ticket to come here, I was predestined and programmed and I have a purpose other than what I think. My maker rates me up there with the smallest of sparrows. A gate is the opening and the exit as well. Be informed when entering and even more informed when exiting. I hope to leave this world’s manmade mess a little better off than when I entered it.

    Death of a Pet

    We are so sad to hear about
    your friend,
    your baby,
    your buddy,
    your long time companion,
    your rock,
    your watchman of the doors and windows and the welcome mat,
    your daily welcome-er and home greeter,
    your warmth during cold days,
    your best friend that never has a say,
    your sparkling set of eyes when yours are sad,
    your occupier of memories forever,
    your guard of your posessions,
    your non-complainer of all things,
    your jumper of joy,
    your daily play toy,
    your occupier of special space in your heart,
    your smile maker on a blue day,
    your interior array of light on a rainy day,
    your cushion when you nap,
    your trained and obedient shadow,
    your first 4-legged friend in Heaven to greet you someday,
    God takes away a friend and gives you another one.
    He has plenty to go around and yours is coming someday soon.
    by Paul & Ida

    Please watch and listen to this video (which comes from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8,11)

    Click here: Ecclesiastes 3

    (to be continued)


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