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    America’s economic problems started when we gave away our technology, patents and jobs to countries that didn’t particularly like us to begin with. All my life I was taught that “The Russians are coming”;  The Chinese are communist”. So what happened. We became friends with people who’s goal is to wipe us off the face of the earth. Now we are bending over backwards to set Islam up on a pedestal over the religion that founded America. Their take over is being done by a “radical faction of Islam” and we can’t take responsibility for what they do due to political  incorrectness. Just you don’t racial profile us or we will sick CAIR on you (Council on American-Islamic Relations ). After all, Islam, Clinton and the ACLU stole Christmas. The word “CHRIST” is in the word. Islam considers Christ (Jesus) as just another prophet coming through town. The muslims prefer the expression “Holiday Season” instead.  “Merry Mohammedmas” just doesn’t sound too good to me.

    Have you ever wondered why the Vatican doesn’t tell the peoples south of the U.S. borders to stay home and fight for their freedom and country at home and build up their own economies. After all, Rome had to do that once upon a time. America had to do that as well and Europe had to do the same. All of a sudden it is OK to invade other countries by coming across there poorly guarded borders by the millions and expect everyone to accept it as if a welcome basket is awaiting them to overwhelm the infrastructure and cause havoc in all the U.S. budgets.

    Remember these two words (acronyms) that put lots of Americans out of work and a trickle is helping the U.S. in return. People that make 25 to 50 cents per hour can’t afford American made products:

    NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement. A 1994 agreement reached by the United States, Canada, and Mexico that instituted a schedule for the phasing out of tariffs and eliminated a variety of fees and other hindrances to encourage free trade between the three North American countries. Visit  this web site for more  info [http://www.investorwords.com for more info].

    U.S. businesses realized they could move to Mexico and manufacture their product and save almost 80 percent in labor cost. Then send the merchandise back to the U.S. and sell it as if the labor cost was still the going American labor rate. Another reason why your neighbors down the street are out of work. Mexican slave labor is being used. It is essentially 21st century plantation owners running slave shops with Mexico’s blessings. Reason number 513 as to why you should ask your retailer to purchase American made products.

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    Let me be the one to tell you – “FREE” has a new definition. It is now defined as being “maybe”.

    It means “read the fine print”. It means sometimes; “14 days; 30 days; 90 days; first 3 months absolutely FREE”.

    It means “kind-a-Free”. It means “yo meaning is not my meaning.” It means you get a rebate when you buy, but you can put that toward your down payment (invisible money exchange).

    (more to come as the word FREE is redefined and demolished)

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    First of all since our country is being lead into socialism, the first phase of communism and dictatorship, I will use those kind of words to explain things. The Public is uninformed (lets call them ’uninforministas’). The uninforministas will pay what ever came so easily will so easily go away. The liar-nistas (LI-ARS) tell the uninforministas (“UN-UNs”) what they need to hear. It usually comes from a round table discussion in front of a TV camera. They know the times when to propogandaize. It is before lunch on Sunday mornings and late in the evenings Monday-Friday. They have to get to the UN-UNs before they get hold of their TV remote control. “Who are the LI-ARS?”, one may ask. They are groups of people that hide behind the walls of the TV networks. They gather the news from all over the world (including the U.S. – we are a renegade part of the world). They then rewrite the facts according to how they want to broadcast it over the taxpayers’ airways. It used to be called “freedom of the press”. Now it is called “editing the facts”.

    EXAMPLE ONE – the real story: Today near the borders of Sudan, Africa, a Muslim gang on horses rode into another village of neighboring Darfur killing Christians and slaughtering anyone in their cold blooded path to Mohammedism. Darfur is a region and former sultanate of western Sudan. Occupied since prehistoric times, the area fell to the Egyptians in 1874 and later to the British, who incorporated it into their holdings in the Sudan. The British were kicked out in 1956. They set fire to their houses, impelling little children on their machetes, killing the elderly and taking the younger males hostage to be converted to Islam soldiernistas and slaves-in-training. They grab up the young women who cling for life along the side of their horses. The young women will be used by these Muslim real estate grabbers as sex slaves and eventually killed.

    They will forcibly convert the Christians to Islam or they will die. Once converted they will be brainwashed and turned into soldiers. They will be promised 70 virgins if they die for their goal – conquer America and the world. Sudan is made up of “Arab” and “black Africans”–with diverse language groups, which causes a major political challenge is a easy door for Islam. Most of the 22 million Sudanese who live in this region are Arabic-speaking Muslims. They get boxes of money from their wealthy oil producing Arabs in the Middle East. Remember all those boxes that Saddam kept in closets and garden sheds around his many castles? The wealthy Arabs have already conquered the United Nations by gifts of boxes and boxes of money to their other Islamic brothers because they are the majority sitting in those voting chairs.

    The U.N. is a welcome mat for allowing Putin Russians’ lap dog Fido Castro to still hang around the podium. Putin Russians new missile base that is tied up at the docks of Venezuela’s “Hey Hugo Baby” Chavez and the Putin Russians’ short peoples representative Nutjob I’m-AmeanyJob of Iran to come and speak. Hate, Hate, Hate-filled speech toward America. “Oh, we love Americans but we hate the government and military that protect it,” they say. Think that expression over for a nanosecond Jeopardy theme music too). What would America be if not for our military and what little government we have left? Answer: we would be the American Division of the 57 Islamic states (you know when Obama messed up and misstated how many states he had been campaigning in – he said 57 states (Twilight Zone music playing here).

    Since the U.N has had its head in the sandy laden floors of the halls of shame, over 200,000 people have been killed in fighting in Darfur since 2003 and approximately 2.5 million are now refugees living in plastic, canvas and cardboard makeshift homes. Don’t confuse this now, I’m talking about DISPOSABLE people living in disposable plastic, disposable canvas and disposable cardboard. America alone has over 700,000 to 2,000,000 people homeless, according to estimates of the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty.


    Machete Defined – For you people out there that only watch horror movies, play computer games, watch sports on the tube, eat pizza, go to the movie, sleep in class, get your answers from the internet – a machete is a large, heavy knife with a broad blade, used as a weapon and an implement for cutting vegetation (no where in the dictionary does it mention its for removing heads of people). Mr. Webster, update your lexicon! Readers, read up on Genghis Khan (or Jenghis Khan) 1162?-1227 A.D. instead of the latest paperback tabloid best seller and Hollywood’s Entertainment Tonight (ET). Have you noticed how ET builds stars and people up one month and tears them down the next? It is akin to what the media is doing to Sarah Palin. Build up the women’s movement for a generation and turn on it the next generation.

    Back to the original thought – now remember fine misled people, this is the 21st century and we are talking about people riding horses, carrying machetes in a world where one can buy a Lexus that will parallel park itself and tell you when its time to go in for maintenance. A world where a plane will fly itself from New York to California or London while the pilots kick back, relax and tell stories of how long they can go without sleep.

    EXAMPLE TWO – Now it is the LI-ARS turn to rewrite and edit the genocide story mentioned in Example One (above) for American ears as follows:

    Today in the hot humid desert region of the west African region of Sudan a remote village was attacked by marauding rebels. These neighboring disputes have gone on for decades. Several huts were set afire and many were killed. Now it is time for a commercial break from our fine folks at VIAGRA, and when we return we will report on why the substandard grape growers of polluted California is competing with the beautifully romantic French chateau dwellers who own the best vineyards in the world.

    Here it is the 21st century.

    Some of the ROUND TABLE discussioners have come and gone. Some are still around.

    ~Peter Jennings of ABC went to Israel to prove if Jesus was really, really, really, really real.

    ~Bill Mar is going down the same road. “Religion is a farce – it is made up…ha…ha…ha…,” he says basically. My belief is my religion is an insurance against people like him. I love him and pray for him – that is another good thing about Christians. Barack Hussein Obama’s half ancestry all over the world are killing Christians like flies. Cutting-off human heads (mostly non Islamic). That cylindrical base right below your American ears.

    ~Michael Moore takes a mishap in America’s machine works and enlarges it way out of proportion. Have
    you ever had a mishap in your life or family that changed other people to only have negative opinions toward you?
    He takes a boat to Cuba catches a 57 Chevy cab with blue smoke coming out the back and is driven to the nearest medical facility on the far side of the island to check on their 21st 20th century socialized medical care. It took him a 90 mile boat ride to an 18th century island to see a doctor that told him, “Michael, you-a-need-a-to-lose-a-some-a-weight-a fat boy.”

    We all have faults but now people are making money out of publicizing them. How come Michael Moore didn’t do a special on America’s food intake, the FDA (Faulty Drugs and Agriculture) and nutrition in America? Let’s face it, Americans wanted bigger and “badder” cars – so Detroit gave us badder cars and when the energy crisis came along – Toyota and Honda was introduced to gas shocked Americans and Detroit turned into a rust bucket desert which attracted Islam like a magnet to metal to the Michigan state. After all, its just a hop, skip and a swim away from our open borders with “overwhelmed with Muslims” Canada. If your lucky and haven’t been to the Middle East and still want a taste of it and a sound of it – go to Michigan.

    The LI-ARS

    The solution according to the LI-ARS for the world’s problems is to go to the U.N. and let them handle it. The only thing they handle at the U.N. is money. The UN needs to move to Dubai (a desert oasis made rich by the U.K, USA, France, Japan and others) so it can sink in the sand with the rest of their high rises built upon sand. Not many God fearing architects work over there. For further reading consult Matthew 7:26.

    (to be continued as long as I’ m getting ripped-off by the sheikdoms from afar and near)

  • 18Oct

    Reasons why you may not be the rich man:

    Your car you bought it to impress whomever is looking at it instead of “just simple transportation to get me down the bumper car road of life with very little expense.

    Living above your means – I deserve what I have and I will pay for it over time and into the future. You are building other people’s wealth and not your own.

    No savings and investments – what me worry. I have time to do that later. Time is not on your side but on the side of money. Money can earn you wealth while you work, sleep, eat and play. Don’t put all your ingenuity in one box. People come along and kick boxes and they deteriorate. Have many boxes for your savings and investments. You have heard that expression “boy, time sure does fly”. It will do the same for you.

    I love my job. I hate my job. I wish I had another job. I like the job that my neighbor has. I like the job that my friend has. Get off this broken record. Take your job and make it the best job in the world at the present time. If you get too good, you will be surely moved because of “duh management decisions”. A bank teller was always friendly, helpful and efficient with her customers. One day a CEO came in and asked her if she would like to come to work at his company. Some of the greatest movie stars were discovered sitting on a stool at the pharmacy soda fountain bar or on the street.

    The dictionary is only on average 2 ½ – 3 inches thick. Let it be one of your first novels. Knowing words can make great first impressions. There are no second first impressions. Always be eager to learn and go with the flow of the job. Don’t get stuck in a rut and let the rest of the company move on without you. People that want to move up don’t look down as they ascend the ladder of success.

    You inherited your ancestor’s gene that causes packratism. It was on sale so I bought it. I found it cheap at a yard sale. I have one and now I have a set. Two is better than one. Buy-two-get-one-free. Now you need more room for all your stuff. Buy the cheapest and get more. Stop and think before you buy. Visualize what you will do with it and how many times you will have to dust it.

    Buy a small starter home and add on later as the family grows. Sell and buy a slightly larger one as the family expands and your career moves you up the ladder. A large home requires larger repair bills, larger heating and cooling bills, larger taxes, larger cleaning requirements, larger cans of paint, larger crews for repairs, larger roofing bills, larger water bills, larger carpet bills, larger plumbing bills, larger pest control bills, larger electric bills, larger window surfaces to clean, larger areas to dust, larger areas to vacuum, larger areas for walking, larger security bills, larger insurance costs, larger decorating bills, larger mortgage payments, etc., etc.

    Enjoy what you have right now. I don’t know how many times I have heard such things as: if only I had saved some money, if only I had saved more money, if only I hadn’t used those credit cards, if only I had taken that advice, if only I had invested earlier in life, if only I hadn’t spent my share of the inheritance, if only I had taken some financial classes. The list goes on.

    Very few poor men or women create jobs. It takes money to create jobs.

    (to be continued as long as I am poor and heading toward wealth)

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    G.A.N.G (Gangs Aware of Nothing Good)

    Gangs are made up of kids and young men crying out, “I need a father, I need a mother, I need someone that loves me, please, please help me.”

    If I were in charge of taking care of the “gang problem” I would start a draft in the neighborhoods of where they are most grown on the streets – usually found growing along the sidewalks. I would harvest these misplaced seeds that have fallen in the cracks and graft them into things that are productive. First of all, when one has a job and puts out lots of effort during the day to get the job accomplished their body is designed to become tired and in need of rest here on earth. This means one has to go to bed to recharge for the next day. That is a big problem for our youth. THEY HAVE NO DAY JOB.

    They have to be drafted off the streets and given a day job to keep them busy. Unfortunately, it will be the police’s job to do the drafting.

    This is where the community comes in. An organized community group set up to provide jobs for these youth. Examples: a community where there are gangs has plenty of fix-up needs. Homes in need of painting, in need of a new roof, a repair on a picket fence, lawns need to be mowed, trash needs to be picked up, those broken beer bottles rainbow displays of glass that cover the grounds, alleys and streets. Trees need to be trimmed and pruned. A Johnny Appleseed (you know, John Chapman’s idea) group needs to be formed to plant God’s food on trees along the streets and yards. Look around, there are plenty of Abraham’s favorite trees (Genesis 18:1; 21:33; 35:8; I Kings 13:14) and other trees out there that are older than the community and they are beckoning for weary people to come stand under them. Wal-Mart birds need to be replaced with singing birds that bring calmness to the communities. Old tires (mosquitoes resorts) need to be recycled. Beer cans and bottles need to be sent back to the brewers as evidence to their contribution to decay. Vehicles mounted on blocks set aside as “eye sore yard art” for the next generation of hybrid car owners. The rusting roosts for birds need to be recycled and turned into cash for a real sculpture. Playgrounds need to be set aside for the little ones coming up. Sidewalks need to be repaired. Speed bumps need to be strategically located in the streets to slow down Cadillac Escaladers and the wannabe Mercedes NASCAR driver imitators.

    Clothing worn by the gangs must be thrown aside and matching T-shirts with neighborhood slogans. Their low-riding pants, a society indicator to me that says “MAKE WAY, LOW I.Q. HERE – move to the other side of the street and pray for me along the way.” This type of clothing needs to be exchanged for kaki pants with a belt and hang several inches below the navel. You know, that dimple or big pimple on the surface of the abdomen of mammals where the umbilical cord was attached during gestation. Or for you Star Buck scholars – also called umbilicus. Speaking of Star Bucks…or as I say “Ten Bucks”, its people like you with coffee stained designer clothes that can help contribute to a program such as this “Community Draft”. Maybe you all can contribute to the “Paint Brigade” to help paint the communities’ homes and cover over the graffiti.

    The problem with gangs is growing and now they are located in the rural areas as well. They learned that from the notorious Al Kay-duh that they can hide in the rural areas as well. The cancer spread out of town and expanded to the countryside and caves. They ran out of wall space in the cities for their graffiti. They are crying out for help and self-control. Every stop sign that has graffiti on it makes the statement “STOP! Help me. I’m a gangrene on society.”

    If local companies could take in these young men and train them in a skill by veteran skilled workers. Every company should draw a circle around their location with a five mile radius and adopt some of the problems within this circle.

    Go to the community and ask, “how can we help make our community better?” Small businesses can draw a circle that is a mile in diameter can do the same. After all, our community is what we make of it – not what it will make of us. Ask not what can my community do for me – ask what can I do for my community.

    For those living in gated communities with their heads in the sand – be aware, it is coming to your neighborhood soon.

    (more to come as the blight spreads across our neighborhoods)

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    STOP going to pay-per-minute seats at professional games. Instead, start going to local games that keep the money local and helps support the community and schools. Places where the whole family can go and make memories instead of a special occasion once or twice a year due to the high cost of overpaid “professional” games. You know, those places where your children can learn 4-letter words every minute for free. It took you years to protect them from such language and now the “professionals” can teach them all the bad language they don’t need in a matter of hours. Cable TV is another daily “bad grammar sessions” for the kids while you are in the next room admiring their baby pictures. While you parent(s) are in the next room planning for their education fund – Hollywooddidit heads DUH, DUMB & DUMBER are entertaining your children over the airways through your brand new overpriced high-definition TV (HDTV) which comes without the need of a dictionary due to a lack of vocabulary increase in the “creative” dialogue.

    New York Minute Example
    2009, a new stadium (I will nickname it GOUGE ARENA) will be tracked on with spit, gum, pigeon droppings by fans that will pay big American faced money to see a game at the new state-of-the-art Yankee Stadium. Don’t trip on the in-the-red price tag hanging from high above ($1,300,000,000). For you that don’t have a bank account that is over 1 billion dollars. Just the payroll for the mostly foreign players will be over $200,000,000. If you want a  C-H-O-I-C-E  seat at Gouge Arena- fork out $2500 please, thank you and come back in a week and don’t let the turnstile hit your wallet on the way out.

    A neighborhood is supposed to sprout up around this “Roman trade in a Christian for a bag of popcorn” hangout. I hear it will be $5,000,000,000 in real Native American Indian dirt-estate. Those “keep up with the Joneses cities” are toe-to-heel in line with New York’s step out on a limb technique by planning new ball parks as well. Stand by for a tax increase near you coming soon. P.S. don’t try to sneak in your own snack sack because you will have it easier going through airport security with a “357 Maggie Scares Me” in your fanny pack (unless you are a non-Muslim or a non-Muslim woman in her eighties).

    A suggestion for protecting your children is to CANCEL the cable, put that monthly subscription into a “fun thing jar” and use that money to do fun things on the weekends. It is a reward after they put in a hard week at school, doing homework and a few chores that is good job training for their future. Children that don’t grow up with chores are behind when it comes to knowing what work is, a goal of getting it done and the satisfaction that something has been accomplished. Not to mention that someday they can look back at it and tell their own kids the kind of childhood they had. Ask your kid to go fetch a shelf stretcher and see what they come back with. Example – what sounds better: “I had to sit around and play computer games most of my childhood” or “I remember when I had to take out the trash, clean my room, vacuum, keep my clothes picked up, pick up and hang up my towel, homework 5 nights per week, conserve energy for future generations…etc., etc.”


    What SPORTS has become.

    For the sake of our grandchildren (and children)
    a new perspective needs to be sought out
    for our sport stars who are EXAMPLES
    for our young ones that look up to them.The sports and news media needs to do a 180 degree
    turn when these athletes pour out language that is becoming
    tomorrow’s accepted English and attitudes.

    I don’t want to hear what is being said in the pits,
    the bull pens, the sidelines, the stands, the press boxes either.
    Bring back the the multiple lettered words of English and
    enough of this abbreviated 4-lettered word language that
    has to come out of the trench mouth and slide across the index finger.

    I am tired of the crafty bleeps that the editing room lets ease out of their mouths.
    Lets get back to the Queen’s language.

    Here are 2 examples of deep down hate coming out
    of the mouths of top sports stars for the
    lower echelons as a warped perspective of the sport from two
    great sports heroes:

    From the lady of the sport:
    … an athelete that was weened on a tennis ratchet (yes I said ratchet) and later needs her mouth tightened and washed out with soap… swing at this link.

    From the gentleman of the sport:
    … an athlete so great, so loved, so famous, so looked up to – BLEW IT at the inopportune time. Dunk this link.

    A far cry from football’s late great Pat Tilman. Stand at attention to this link.

    (comments to be continued as long as people are preoccupied with the idolatry of sports and not their country)

  • 09Oct

    Just in case you may not know what I.N.S. stands for it is the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.
    But the story starts here:
    Noting HUD’s (Housing and Urban Development) statement from Susan Gaffney, Inspector General Department of Housing and Urban Development before the U.S. senate permanent subcommittee on investigations committee on governmental affairs June 30, 2000, (8 YEARS AGO!). Now it finally came to a head in 2008.

    In December 1999, in Los Angeles, California, 39 people were indicted for engaging in a $110 million dollar fraudulent loan scheme.

    Year 2000 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 120 loan applications, most of them FHA-insured, totaling in excess of $15 million dollars.

    Fast forward 8 years…over 5,000,000 homes caught up in the housing finance debacle (foreclosed properties) are in the hands of ILLEGAL aliens according to HUD.

    To make things worse they were using fraudulent Social Security Cards and un-substantiated information due to the liberal laws and pinky codes instigated by people of the new socialist world order, people like these NUTnistas: Barney Frankie, Chris Doddle, Bill Ajob Clinton, Hillary Go-Away Clintons, Franklin Rainesmoneyonhim (LI-AR), Timothy Howard (LI-AR), Nancy P. Losi-Blinky, former security cop Harry Reed, John Don’t Kerry, Feed Ted Kennedy, Sneaky Gimmy Carter and many other socialists. Democrats fought against reform that was brought up in the past concerning EASY GOV LOAN HERE – NO MONEY DOWN SOME PAYMENTS home financing lures.

    Can you say “adios hasta la vista baby” or “buena suerte” (basically “good bye and good luck”) to a LARGE chunk of our savings, 401Ks, investments, banking industry, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, loan systems and credit companies. (Note: the previous paragraph was written before the collapse of the U.S. economy).

    Recently, an illegal alien was arrested in Tucson, AZ after using a stolen social security number to buy two homes and rack up over $780,000 in bad debt.

    The National Council of La Raza (NCLR – a facsimile crony of the ACLU) set up these HUD home loan grants for “MIGRANTS” (illegal aliens) wined and dined “WashinTONsYoMoney” and got there way around the laws that LEGAL Americans have to abide by. If you don’t think ILLEGALS are everywhere check out NCLR’s map.

    The American school budgets are overwhelmed with manditory bilingual classes and special programs to teach children of illegals. If you think the school systems are broke now, just wait till the rest of the world catches on to how hogtied America’s laws are and how inept our leaders in unWashedbums, DC are.

    Remember when Bank of America-pssss started offering checking accounts, credit cards and mortgages to illegal aliens? Other greedy lenders like Wells Fargo and Citibank offered home loans to illegal aliens. “Why not?”, they probably say. The U.S. government will back the loan’s unworthiness. Read more about this slap in American’s face. If you still bank with Bank of America-pssss, you need to know what’s in your wallet and inside your head.
    Click here for a list of failing banks.
    Click here for a list of banks in distress.

    Stolen social security numbers is a large problem in this country. For you out there that are hiring illegals for work such as maids, babysitters, lawn care, painters, etc. are helping this become even more of a problem. “How am I doing that?”, you may ask.

    When these people come to your house and they notice things such as the wife doesn’t work, the children are young, grandma or a grandpa living there is retired, the next door neighbor’s wife doesn’t work are SIGNS of people that can be used in the stolen social security identity game. Those workers’ ears and eyes are scanning to get info so that they can sell it to an “identity thief” that will gladly pay them for the information. People that come in, bump in the night illegally, don’t change automatically as the border turnstile hits them in the rear entering the sanctum of a free country.

    Honorable migrants don’t come to America and buy $100,000 plus homes and steal peoples identity. They come to earn money because their own country is broken and have no work. They are scared to stand up against their dictators and change the system as Americans had to do. Criminal minded illegals come to America to take advantage of every hardworking, law-abiding American citizen. Patriotic citizens do not hire them and take advantage of them. In Worsenington, DC, our liberal squatters made things worse by reforming the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006.

    I blame a lot of this problem on another government agency that doesn’t work. It needs to be overhauled and pointed out what it is supposed to do to protect our country and borders. That government agency is…

    ____________ (click blank line for answer).

    ILLEGALS from all over the world are adding to the following problems because they are coming across our borders faster than we can absorb them:

    ~ Gang warfare and illegal immigration.

    ~ Destruction of neighborhoods due to gang warfare and control

    ~ Overwhelming OBGyn services (no insurance) and automatically their children become anchor babies (American citizen due to place of birth) and usually with no previous health care of the pregnancy and making OBGyn liable due to hungry lawyers looking for a case due to poverty and civil rights

    ~ Overwhelming Delivery Rooms to the brink (no insurance)

    ~ Smuggling network (drugs, mothers, fathers, grandparents, cousins, neighbors, friends, products of every kind and work slaves in lieu of payments)

    ~ Kidnappings (includes for ransom and drug related as well as exporting of teenage sex slaves)

    ~ Criminal migration into our country and setting up expanded networks of crime

    ~ Expanding crime networks into the U.S. from their country of origin

    ~ Underground markets that don’t go through product safety checks and guidelines

    ~ Causing hospitals to close due to overwhelming their budgets

    ~ Closing down of hospital maternity services due to nonpayments and compliance

    ~ Encroaching into the job market and lowering pay scales and standard of living

    ~ Stealing American’s identity

    ~ Overwhelming our infrastructure and water systems (as many as 20-25 people living in an apartment)

    ~ A network for shipping money out of the country and not circulating dollars inside the U.S.

    ~ An underground railroad of welfare bound human cargo and untaxed goods and services

    ~ Not paying America’s taxes: payroll taxes, state, Federal, community, ad volorem, property, etc.

    ~ Siphoning off America’s safety nets and not paying into the upkeep of the system’s nets

    ~ … and the list just keeps growing and growing and our law enforcement is OVERWHELMED

    Note: I am not just talking about Mexico’s illegals, it is illegals from all around the world.

    (to be continued as long as our borders are being trampled down)

  • 07Oct
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    If America’s youth wants to have the American Dream, they must start buying American made automobiles and American made products. This keeps them in a job and their neighbors in a job. This keeps money here in American banks. This keeps engineering jobs here and not in some foreign country. This keeps local taxes local and that repairs local infrastructure and supports local needs in the community. This will keep America from borrowing money from China to support our diverse consumer habits. America’s youth, you need to have domestic consumer habits and keep the money in our own communities and in our own banks.


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