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    Just in case you may not know what I.N.S. stands for it is the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.
    But the story starts here:
    Noting HUD’s (Housing and Urban Development) statement from Susan Gaffney, Inspector General Department of Housing and Urban Development before the U.S. senate permanent subcommittee on investigations committee on governmental affairs June 30, 2000, (8 YEARS AGO!). Now it finally came to a head in 2008.

    In December 1999, in Los Angeles, California, 39 people were indicted for engaging in a $110 million dollar fraudulent loan scheme.

    Year 2000 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 120 loan applications, most of them FHA-insured, totaling in excess of $15 million dollars.

    Fast forward 8 years…over 5,000,000 homes caught up in the housing finance debacle (foreclosed properties) are in the hands of ILLEGAL aliens according to HUD.

    To make things worse they were using fraudulent Social Security Cards and un-substantiated information due to the liberal laws and pinky codes instigated by people of the new socialist world order, people like these NUTnistas: Barney Frankie, Chris Doddle, Bill Ajob Clinton, Hillary Go-Away Clintons, Franklin Rainesmoneyonhim (LI-AR), Timothy Howard (LI-AR), Nancy P. Losi-Blinky, former security cop Harry Reed, John Don’t Kerry, Feed Ted Kennedy, Sneaky Gimmy Carter and many other socialists. Democrats fought against reform that was brought up in the past concerning EASY GOV LOAN HERE – NO MONEY DOWN SOME PAYMENTS home financing lures.

    Can you say “adios hasta la vista baby” or “buena suerte” (basically “good bye and good luck”) to a LARGE chunk of our savings, 401Ks, investments, banking industry, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, loan systems and credit companies. (Note: the previous paragraph was written before the collapse of the U.S. economy).

    Recently, an illegal alien was arrested in Tucson, AZ after using a stolen social security number to buy two homes and rack up over $780,000 in bad debt.

    The National Council of La Raza (NCLR – a facsimile crony of the ACLU) set up these HUD home loan grants for “MIGRANTS” (illegal aliens) wined and dined “WashinTONsYoMoney” and got there way around the laws that LEGAL Americans have to abide by. If you don’t think ILLEGALS are everywhere check out NCLR’s map.

    The American school budgets are overwhelmed with manditory bilingual classes and special programs to teach children of illegals. If you think the school systems are broke now, just wait till the rest of the world catches on to how hogtied America’s laws are and how inept our leaders in unWashedbums, DC are.

    Remember when Bank of America-pssss started offering checking accounts, credit cards and mortgages to illegal aliens? Other greedy lenders like Wells Fargo and Citibank offered home loans to illegal aliens. “Why not?”, they probably say. The U.S. government will back the loan’s unworthiness. Read more about this slap in American’s face. If you still bank with Bank of America-pssss, you need to know what’s in your wallet and inside your head.
    Click here for a list of failing banks.
    Click here for a list of banks in distress.

    Stolen social security numbers is a large problem in this country. For you out there that are hiring illegals for work such as maids, babysitters, lawn care, painters, etc. are helping this become even more of a problem. “How am I doing that?”, you may ask.

    When these people come to your house and they notice things such as the wife doesn’t work, the children are young, grandma or a grandpa living there is retired, the next door neighbor’s wife doesn’t work are SIGNS of people that can be used in the stolen social security identity game. Those workers’ ears and eyes are scanning to get info so that they can sell it to an “identity thief” that will gladly pay them for the information. People that come in, bump in the night illegally, don’t change automatically as the border turnstile hits them in the rear entering the sanctum of a free country.

    Honorable migrants don’t come to America and buy $100,000 plus homes and steal peoples identity. They come to earn money because their own country is broken and have no work. They are scared to stand up against their dictators and change the system as Americans had to do. Criminal minded illegals come to America to take advantage of every hardworking, law-abiding American citizen. Patriotic citizens do not hire them and take advantage of them. In Worsenington, DC, our liberal squatters made things worse by reforming the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006.

    I blame a lot of this problem on another government agency that doesn’t work. It needs to be overhauled and pointed out what it is supposed to do to protect our country and borders. That government agency is…

    ____________ (click blank line for answer).

    ILLEGALS from all over the world are adding to the following problems because they are coming across our borders faster than we can absorb them:

    ~ Gang warfare and illegal immigration.

    ~ Destruction of neighborhoods due to gang warfare and control

    ~ Overwhelming OBGyn services (no insurance) and automatically their children become anchor babies (American citizen due to place of birth) and usually with no previous health care of the pregnancy and making OBGyn liable due to hungry lawyers looking for a case due to poverty and civil rights

    ~ Overwhelming Delivery Rooms to the brink (no insurance)

    ~ Smuggling network (drugs, mothers, fathers, grandparents, cousins, neighbors, friends, products of every kind and work slaves in lieu of payments)

    ~ Kidnappings (includes for ransom and drug related as well as exporting of teenage sex slaves)

    ~ Criminal migration into our country and setting up expanded networks of crime

    ~ Expanding crime networks into the U.S. from their country of origin

    ~ Underground markets that don’t go through product safety checks and guidelines

    ~ Causing hospitals to close due to overwhelming their budgets

    ~ Closing down of hospital maternity services due to nonpayments and compliance

    ~ Encroaching into the job market and lowering pay scales and standard of living

    ~ Stealing American’s identity

    ~ Overwhelming our infrastructure and water systems (as many as 20-25 people living in an apartment)

    ~ A network for shipping money out of the country and not circulating dollars inside the U.S.

    ~ An underground railroad of welfare bound human cargo and untaxed goods and services

    ~ Not paying America’s taxes: payroll taxes, state, Federal, community, ad volorem, property, etc.

    ~ Siphoning off America’s safety nets and not paying into the upkeep of the system’s nets

    ~ … and the list just keeps growing and growing and our law enforcement is OVERWHELMED

    Note: I am not just talking about Mexico’s illegals, it is illegals from all around the world.

    (to be continued as long as our borders are being trampled down)

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    If America’s youth wants to have the American Dream, they must start buying American made automobiles and American made products. This keeps them in a job and their neighbors in a job. This keeps money here in American banks. This keeps engineering jobs here and not in some foreign country. This keeps local taxes local and that repairs local infrastructure and supports local needs in the community. This will keep America from borrowing money from China to support our diverse consumer habits. America’s youth, you need to have domestic consumer habits and keep the money in our own communities and in our own banks.

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    Geography is basically the dirt you are standing on, standing above, floating over or flying over right now. This dirt has a name (not the mineral makeup) – it could be named the United States, it could be named Canada, it could be the Pacific Ocean, and yes it could be North Korea.

    Back to America, despite what Barack Obama (Black American’s answer to White Americans Alfred E. Newman) basically said, “I have visited 57 states”. I think he wandered a bit and made a faux pax and was probably thinking about the 57 states of the Islamic federation. Something he shouldn’t be aware of being a Chicago Christian in the same chuch for 20 years. You may be able to see a video of Obama saying this at the DNC ( www.democrats.org ) web site (search for it, but I doubt it is their site). You can find it at this site if no luck on the DNC site.

    The last map of the U.S. I saw recently only had 50 states. The 49th floated way up to the northwest due to global warming causing it to break away from Washington state. I believe it was an awkward Jet Stream coming out of Washington, DC that caused this part of the country to break off and float away. Russia found it and instead of giving it back to us they in turn sold it to us.  The 50th state floated west out into the Pacific due to more global warming as 8 chunks of ice caps breaking off from Oregon. I was surprised when I noticed there were no blue states and red states like the biased media has been brainwashing the general public in America. This map was most green and it was titled “UNITED STATES”.  For those of you that skipped geography in school, the U.S. started out as 13 states. Someone I used to know, Marmaduke Spurgeon, probably didn’t like the number 13 and evidentially wrote several representatives a scroll of complaints and told them “let’s move on to 14, I don’t like black cats either.” If Obama had not refused to wear a flag lapel pin and place his hand over his heart as the national anthem was played, maybe he could have looked down and counted the 50 stars on the flag which represent the 50 states of America.

    People, lets get something straight here when it comes to geography. Fact: Canada is north of the U.S. (or UP for a simpler way of saying it). Fact: Mexico is south of the U.S. (or DOWN for the pacifists out there). There are rumors that Mexico now wants a fence between them and the U.S. to keep doltish Americans out of their country. They want to progress (go forward) instead of digressing (going backwards).

    Hints On What Oceans Flank America

    Here is a simple way of knowing which oceans the U.S. is surrounded by. A large number of pacifists live on the west coast (clustered in California, Oregon and Washington state). They are sometimes know as the left over “hippies”. Remember pacifists live on the Pacific Ocean – the LEFT coast. God put up a big mountain chain to keep that flock separated from the rest of his flock to the east, but it seems to be flowing over eastwardly. Now, if we look at the RIGHT side of the U.S. map we see where the Atlantic Ocean is located. This area of the country there is a well known city called Atlanta, Georgia. Remember, Atlantians live on the Atlantic Ocean. Now every one should know the oceans that flank the U.S. I will not be giving you a test -only your friends someday sitting around discussing geography.

    That Other Body Of Water

    Lets not leave out the Gulf of Mexico on the map. Scientist say it was made by a giant meteor that struck that part of North America. The large crater filled up with water and is now called the Gulf of Mexico. There are rumors that aliens were surfing that meteor when it hit the earth and they all were thrown in the area of California – its just a rumor.

    Now lets learn where the Gulf of Mexico is located. Imagine you are in a canoe (not pronouced “ca-no-ee”, but “ca-new”), the one that looks like it doesn’t know its frontend from its backiend. Native Americas used them extensively if they lived near water.  OK, you are in the Atlantic Ocean off southern tip of Miami (Floriduhcuba – used to be Florida) and you row west (going LEFT on a U.S. map) around the last stretch of sand and dirt in Floriduhcuba (Key West, Florida). If you will look at a U.S. map, it’s those little skinny chain of islands trying to get away from the Miami area.

    Now STOP rowing and look to your right (hold out your right arm and point) – this is (Floriduhcuba (Florida). Now look to your left (hold out your left arm and point) – this is Cuba. You do not want to wander over there – something about a time warp going on that tiny island. A place where a 1956 Chevrolet is the newest automobile within 90 miles. Now pick up your oar and continue rowing west until you get really, really tired. Now you are in the Gulf of Mexico. You left the Atlantic Ocean and now you are in the Gulf. Since you are in a canoe, Cancun, Mexico is on your left (where Americans go on vacation to get away from the US’s illegals problem. Remember Cancun (as in Cancunians – population approx. 33,273) live and play on the beaches on the LEFT and America (as in Americans – population 300,000,000 (300 million and still aborting – and the government is losing count) live and play on the beaches on the RIGHT (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas shorelines. You know – those coastal dwellers that keep getting blown away year after year, year after year , year after year and they keep moving back to do it all over again at the inlanders expense.

    If I were elected president I would give everyone living within 25 miles of the ocean 30 years to clear out (get out of town). Using “Imminent Domain”. Then I would make all coast lines a Federal Access Park stretching 25 miles inward in all states bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico from Virginia to Texas. The national guard would pull 2 week rotations in the park to keep them safe and it would be their training grounds a well. They could train to do remedial things like “GUARD OUR SHORES”. This would include hotels, motels, businesses and homes. The Native American Indians knew better than to live on the beaches. They only visited the coast to catch fish and gather food and then return to their villages built on safer grounds. Like President Bush said in a speech, “fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

    Those Confusing U.S. Rivers

    Just because the river’s name is Tennessee River, doesn’t mean it is in Tennessee. That only means it originated in Tennessee. So when you look at a map and you see a river (e.g. Arkansas River goes through Kansas – Toto, we’re going through Kansas now).

    A word of caution… if you live down stream on a river (w-a-y, w-a-y down stream) you may want to move (see my 3pt. text disclaimer). Because all the people up stream are polluting your drinking water something terrible. If you only knew what man is dumping into our clean God given waters. Now, if you get upset because this describes your water – you may want to be active in riding U.S. Rivers and streams of pollution and write your representatives. Now you may be like a lot of today’s mislead Americans (MISCANS) – “I don’t care ‘cause I drink soda and beer, why else would they come in flavors and colors -duh.” Personally, I am not pushing extreme pollution control here – just START cleaning up our environment and set a goal that is reasonable instead of causing judicial joblessness, price increases, shortages and shut downs ( JJPISS ).

    Everyone should at least know the 8 major rivers in the U.S. They are: Columbia, Colorado, Missouri, Brazos, Rio Grande, Mississippi, Ohio and St. Lawrence. The acronym to help you remember these 8 U.S. major rivers is: “Lawrence, Oh Mi, Miss Columbia’s Grande Bra ColorS”.

    America’s Mountains

    America’s lower 48 states has two major mountain ranges, the largest is on the Western part of the U.S. map (Rocky Mountains) or to those that don’t know directions (<– that way) and the medium range mountains are on the Eastern part – Appalachian Mountains (that way –>). Think of it as comparing Rocks & Apples. There are lots of rocks on the Rocky Mountains and lots of apples on the Appalachian Mountains. Say it again “Rocks & Apples.” By the way “Appalachian” is pronounced Ap-pa-lay-chin.

    Speaking of GEOGRAPHY, here is an example of one type of secret donor LIBERAL (donor code name Olive Oil) who probably donated to and supported Obama’s LAND-o-CHANGE. See tilted and leaning left actress Joan Collins do the weather.

    (to be continued ‘As The World Turns’ and changes)

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    They are empty and we have plenty

    Americans, you don’t have to wonder where to give some money for your charity side of giving. Just drive down the road. Become an investigator and observe before you give – our country is full of needy broken Americans that bad luck came to visit and stayed.

    ~Look for a roof that is patched beyond patching.

    ~Look for a house that has a lawn that needs to be mowed.

    ~Look for that person having car problems and they are $500 short of coming up with enough money to repair it.

    ~Look at that house you drive by everyday and you see hardship written all over it.

    ~Look for someone that has a window or two that needs new panes of glass to help stave off the winter’s cold.

    ~Look for that elderly couple you pass everyday that needs some TLC because their children live too far away.

    ~Look for that yard full of children playing and they don’t have any playground equipment.

    ~Look for that yard full of children and they are without a father to provide for them in many areas.

    ~Look for that person you see in the store isle that is buying the basic essentials to check out at the cashier.

    ~Look at the grocery basket coming down the isle in your local supermarket where kids are clinging to it and their sad eyes wish they could have the things that their mother says, “No! we can’t afford it.” It doesn’t always have to be money or candy. It can be necessary items and nutritional things such as milk, orange juice, wholesome cereal, potatoes, beans, rice, bread, apples, bananas, toothpaste, hygiene products, shampoo, toilet paper, napkins, laundry soap, bath soap, lunch money for the kids, eggs, 100 percent juices (not Kool-aide), etc. It doesn’t have to be cereals with a truck load of sugar, etc.

    How can you get it to them without embarrassing them in the store. Stop and ask the mother if you can meet her in the parking lot because you have something for her and the children. Go ahead and do the shopping and align yourself so as to get out about the same time as she will exit the store. If you have a superior Father in your faith, call on Him and ask for guidance. He will make it happen. Go home and sleep well this night. Get up and do it all over again. Make the world a better place for you, your neighbor and people you don’t know and will never meet in your life time. There are TWO powers out there to be part of you being a person to make the world a better place – your creaTOR and your deterioriaTOR. Hint: one builds and the other destroys. Choose.

    ~Look around for someone with their vehicle’s hood open and depression is written all over the person’s face as well as giving off a flashing sign on their vehicle.

    ~Look around while you are traveling and you come upon a family stranded beside the notfreeway and it flashes “help them”- help them – help them” in your mind as you put miles between you and them. Take the next exit and go back and answer that voice in your mind. You may not be a mechanic but you do have a mode of transportation to get them to one. Always use common sense and be safe in situations like this. Use safety at the upmost due to the high traffic situation in these sinarios.

    ~Look north, east, west, and south. Need is all around even as you read this. Some passed you today and you passed many needs today as well. Focus as Galileo did.

    ~Look within yourself how you can help someone not as fortunate as you. Find that dedication that has collected dust in your being and clean it off. If you are still not sure, pray about it before bed and the next morning when you get up within 7 minutes it will come to you. If it didn’t work, read Psalm 37:7 and Isaiah 12:16. By the way, you have to have the world tuned out (TV, radio, MP3 player, cell phone, surround sounds, etc.). Ask him to HELP you make the world a better place today. Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride of a life time.

    ~Look at someone that catches your eye that may need help and open the door for them and greet them with a smile and a medical question – How you doin’ today?

    ~Look through the phone and see and hear their problem on the other end. Visualize their depression or embarrassing need and get involved in some way to help redirect this toward a sunnier ending. Sometimes its as simple as listening or calling once a week to let someone know you care for them. It is our Creator’s way of using your phone system.

    I live 15 minutes away from one of my sisters and she may call me every month or so, but a 96 year old woman calls me once a week and asks about my health and tells my wife and I that she loves us and is praying for me and my family. Since I do not have a grandparent and she doesn’t have any children, I call her grandma. She gave me permission to call her that and it has been that way for 3 years now.

    Her finances are very FIXED because she grew up before pensions, social security, 401k’s, etc. and she is blessed with love for her fellow human being. She was a Seventh-day Adventist nurse by profession and helped deliver thousand of babies in her surrounding area. She was the community taxi for the sick, down and out until she was 94 when the doctor told her that she would have to give up driving. She sold her early 1980’s model Chrysler K-car and now she depends on relatives, fellow neighbors and church family to even get to church. Her K-car was used to transport the elderly that was younger than her. She took them to their doctor appointments, to the pharmacy and to the grocery store. She told me they were elderly and not helped by their own children and even elderly people abandoned by their own children who lived nearby or even states away. Friends come over and read her the Bible since her eyes are not as young as they once were. The only entertainment she has piped in is 3ABN (3-Angels Broadcasting Network) via satellite. No 4-letter words being piped into her modest home.

    She is not wealthy, but is rich in life, history, memories, friends, wisdom and blessings from her spiritual Father. By the way, this 96 year old grandma is approximately 5 ft. – 2 in. tall and knows the Bible inside out. Verda is used as the Bible study living encyclopedia for the Sabbath Bible study classes. She told me once she was the runt-of-the-bunch from a family of either 11 or 12 siblings. She told me her first chore as a 2-year old was to carry in one stick of kindling when her brothers and sisters were bringing in the evening’s firewood. I have been in her home and it is like stepping back into a early 1900’s time period home. I call it early fung schway. She lives simply and thrifty.

    She and a wheelchair confined elderly friend took a van and traveled to Alaska and was gone for over a month. This was when she was 94 and her friend in her 70’s. Her disabled friend would drive and Verda could walk into the many hotels to get their room. The hotel clerks were astonished by them as they journeyed.

    Thank you Grandma Verda, for being an example for me and being my friend and prayer machine for my soul. I feel humble and priviledged to be under your Angel wing.

    (to be continued because there will always be the poor)

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    Here is a list of U.S. Government departments that DON’T work anymore:

    ~Department of Energy (D.O.E.) – this agency was started to help keep America strong and free from foreign dependence on energy. At the time of this keyboarding, gasoline is over $4.00/gal. (plus or minus).  Oil per barrel is jumping up and down according to this week’s excuse (hurricane, fire, U.S. vacations, 1 out of thousands of rigs broke down, tropical storm, deer crossing, moose crossing, elk crossing, polar bear scratcjomg against a pipe, 9th world dictator made a speech, Wall Street didn’t yawn, some Saudi has a seizure after seeing a woman’s elbow, 3-year old Palestinian boy soldier shot at a gas can, and the list goes on of excuses to raise the price every week.

    Entrepreneurs! How ’bout this idea – visualize a black barrel of oil as a bobble head with some number decals to boot. It would be a great souvenir from “Saudi ArobbinUS” with “Robbin’ the USA” sticker on it.

    This Department of Energy’s acronym is appropriate (DOE) – they cost the U.S taxpayers plenty of “d-o-e” for no show of usefulness.

    We need to fire the cubical perchers that hang out there daily and replace them with a FRESH batch of minds that live outside the boxy cubicle square thing. This department has cost the taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars for what – waiting in line at the gas pumps reading bumper stickers to pass the time.

    I need my own space to read my paper, drink my java, talk on the phone and look out the window.

    I need my own space to read my paper, drink my java, talk on the phone and look out the window.

    Another thing I have noticed. What’s up at these gas stations that are trying to disguise their pumps with Wal-Mart birds. I know, your are wondering what is a Wal-Mart bird? It’s easy to explain.  Imagine you are driving down a not-so-freeway and off in the distance you think you see a large white bird up in a government tree near the side of the roadway (and you are not even in Florida yet). The closer you get the more it looks like a plastic bag instead. That is a Wal-Mart bird my friend. There are other species of these birds as well. My favorite is the yellow one (Dollar General). I’ve seen gray ones, pink ones, blue ones, stripped ones and the rare one –  chartreuse (greenish-yellowish for those of you that skipped Mr. Root’s art classes).

    DOE still has us paying out billions of dollars for home heating – a technology that hasn’t changed much since we kicked the coal bucket.  There are exceptions, those GREEN caring private business sectors that are now doing what DOE should have been doing 15 years ago – coming up with more and more energy-efficient ways of living.

    We don’t need a department that parties with the big oil slurping lobbyists. We need people that will THINK “alternative energy –alternative energy – alternative energy” and free up the U.S. from the sand surfers and let them reminisce “back when oil was king” and send them back to their real animal skin tents and camel transports.

    ~Department of Homeland Security (DOHS)

    A department that can say the word “terrorist”, but not “Muslim terrorists” or “Islamic terrorist. When we were in Vietnam we could say “North Vietnamese” or “Viet Cong”. We did not say “people from the north country”. Google lists “Muslim Terrorist” and “Islamic Terrorist” over 500,000 links each. Its a good thing I don’t have a race card to throw down (being Anglo-Saxon) because every time I go through the airports I get searched and frisked. This makes me feel confident that the DOHS employees are at least trying to do their job.

    How can you respect a department that can’t say its enemies name? They can’t even search certain suspects in fear of “racial profiling” lawyers and the biased media.  Isn’t it puzzling that they have learned from the FBI how to RULE OUT “terrorism” within 5 minutes of an explosion or a plane crash; however, turn around and will spend millions of dollars trying to find out WHAT DID cause the explosion.

    Speaking of the FBI, go to their website link and see if you can pronounce the names of most of the criminals on their Most Wanted List. What ever happened to the “good old names” like: Bonnie & Clyde, Baby Face Nelson, “Scareface”, Al Capone, Richard Nixon, secret  security document pilferer Sandy Berger (no joke, he was a former Clinton security advisor) and better known as “Sandy Burglar”. If Sandy had of been caught doing this at a public library he would have at least served a little time. It is a good thing his feet and socks weren’t as large as Shakim O’Neal – which gave new meaning to “stocking stuffers”. Entrepreneur! Another idea here, send him some large Christmas stockings for the Christmas holiday season.

    So, if you are always on edge about terrorism, just wait 5 minutes and DOHS will announce, “everything is “hunky-dory-and-dandy”, put a feather in your hat and go to the mall store and buy some candy to help keep the economy going.

    I hate to repeat myself but, DOHS’ fix kit for a bomb blast or threat is, “A-MUR-CUNS, take your mind off ‘terism’, get out yo money and go to the mall and spend it so we can have tax money to spend. Even buy a house if you can’t afford it.

    Come on DOHS, get real. We are fighting with people that behead Americans (with 21st. century swords), hold them up for trophy ops in the name of a god that has 70 or more virgins waitin’, turn around and buy American toys to make remote controlled bombs (cost: $7.99; on sale $5.99) that blow up our M-1 Abrams tanks (cost: $4,300,000 each). That is pocket change verses millions of dollars. Talk about expensive wall mounted toilet seats in space! Do the math DOHS, if you thing the bubble building corrupt financiers on Wall Street did us in, your department is coming in second.

    (more to come as it unfolds and unfolds and unfolds)

    ~Department of the Interior (DOI for short –I’m pronouncing it “doo-e”)

    Oh what a mess! They are the ones that introduce animals back into the suburbs to scare the land humans (“who-muns” as a 3-year old pronounces it). It is not enough that we have over populated deer, coyotes out the kazoo, stray dogs and cats that have special rights from Hollywood. This department is not making decisions for the country either, instead it is making decisions such as, “what party should be attended this weekend?” How early should I take off Friday to get ready for the weekend party?  And I am not talking “political party” here, I’m talking “Poli-tickle-parties”.

    Where did the slogans go that use to adorn the now smelly walls of the Department of the Interior.

    “Ask not what my country can do for me, instead ask what can I do for my country.”

    They have probably draped party decorations over the slogans. It’s time those Chinese imported party-in-a-box-kits be taken down and sent to a lab for analysis. Be sure and wear rubber gloves.

    These “sex for cow grazing rights” and “sex before oil drillin’ rights” policies need to be revamped. DOO-E’s hired help have stepped way out (w-a-y-o-u-t) of their box and have been corralled by the BIG land users and abusers lobby it seems. This gives new meaning to putting the screws to the taxpayers.

    In case you don’t know what DOO-E’s function is – here is my summary:

    A short list:

    ~Native American Indians

    ~Wagon roads (primitive roads)

    ~Hiking trails that lead you to hungry Grizzly Bears

    ~National and irrational parks and care of

    ~Geological surveys (you’re wrong – they are right)

    ~Land reclamation (after lobbyist rape it)

    ~Dams (cracks and all)

    ~Aqueducts (heard anyone complain about getting flooded lately up to their eyeballs)

    ~Wildlife (not their definition) Teddy Roosevelt would get down from his horse if he knew…

    ~Mines (DOO-E shows up after the mine caves in)

    ~Land grazing – DOO-E makes Nebuchadnezzar look good

    (65 million acres – yes, 6 zeros) that are mainly in 10 western U.S. states.

    ~Rumor control -NO! There is not an ILLEGALS LANDRUSH going on in America – it is only a rumor.

    ~MAKER of Regulations on a whelm (WhelmRegs) – Sometime when you have run out of a good read check out (43 Code of Federal Regulations Part 4100) and (43 CFR 4125.1-1). This act probably makes the U.S. Gov the largest methane gas manufacturer in the world (FlatulenceRegs). Talk about Global Warming problems!

    ~CHANGER of Regulations on a whelm

    ~User of “MIC” (an acronym for maintain, improve and custodial). DOO-E is mostly maintaining “C” as of lately and failing in “M” and “I”. Don’t we just love U.S. gov. language.

    ~Keeper of Guam

    ~Keeper of American Samoa

    ~Keeper of Pacific Islands

    ~Keeper of most of the oil rich land in Alaska

    ~Keeper of our oil rich coastlines

    ~Keeper of the keys

    ~Keeper of National Parks’ restrooms

    ~keeping forest dry for forest fire devastation

    ~Keeper and Protector of “dummies as homeowners” that move right in the middle of a dry pine forest

    ~Keeper of starving wild government horses

    ~Keeper of United States government fish

    ~Keeper of United States government wildlife

    ~Keeper of wildlife refuges

    ~Keeper of Land for Conservation (oxymoron)

    ~Keeper of shovels for planning new trees after lobbyist cut’em down

    ~Keeper of Science and Technology (mostly “evolution” science)

    ~Keeper of the first woman Secretary of the Interior (2001). It took them 152 years to decide a woman could handle the job.

    ~Census of animals and birds (used to be Census of people)

    ~As of late – acceptor of gifts and inappropriate relationships with lobbyists

    (to be continued as the soap opera thickens)

    ~Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) Note: some think it should be (SICK)

    Up front they need a namechange: Exchanging our Security for Blown Home Loans.

    A department of employees that was evidently busy counting their profits and watching their “tickers” and allowed the speculators, keyboarders, managers (the crooked ones) on “The Great Wall Street of Corruption”. Also known as “high rise boiler rooms” where they take common people’s money and promise a huge return. Any civilization that puts their faith in Roman columns as support is destined for collapse.

    By the way, who ever is in charge of the humungous flag in from of the Wall Street Securities Exchange, turn the American flag upside down since you have practically killed our country.

    What is scary is the fact that after the fox got into the hen house and emptied it totally, the political correctors in Washington writes up a weekend law demanding the chicken farmer must subsidize the fox because there “AINT no mo chickens”.

    Just think, politicians thought up this three quarters of a trillion dollar fix kit – did this over a weekend – WOW! And us taxpayers have been asking for a Social Security fix and Health Care fix for the last 30 years. Remember also, it took the “Washingtonmoneyyumyums” (washington-money-yum-yums) a whole week to decide to fix Georgia (the country – not the 4th colony of the original 13) with a billion dollar fix kit because Putin Russians invaded them with big metal war toys and damaged their infrastructure. Meanwhile, Putin Russians decided to hightail it out of Georgia and sailed to the warm waters of Venezuela for a vacation – “What USsr Worry!” said the Putin Russians! “Let America fix it with a kit.”

    NOTE: Be watchful contaminated cruise ship vacationing Americans – you could run into the Russian Navy while sailing in those blue waters. Don’t expect any Russian life boats coming to the rescue. Communist rhetoric here: “Somebody call 911!” “Honest! We didn’t see that big ship full of Americans in our international right-of-way.” “Call an American insurance adjuster (that talkin’ “lizard?” GEICO) fast and America will fix it.”


    I blame a lot of this problem on another government agency that doesn’t work. It needs to be overhauled and pointed out what it is supposed to do to protect our country and borders. That government agency is ___________. Over 5,000,000 foreclosures in the finance debacle are homes purchased by ILLEGALS. Now you know where the government came up with the inaccurate figures on how many illegals are in our country. I think America would be absolutely shocked if we only knew the REAL number that are here illegally. As long as we have low earning people willing to take American jobs out from under the citizens of this country we can never make a decent living and have secure jobs. The never ending line of illegals will always be waiting outside the door of your employer wanting YOUR job. Americans have worked too hard and fought too many wars to let outsiders come in and take over our country that so many have sacrificed and died for, and without firing a shot. It’s acronymn is USCIS and it should be USELESS.
    (more to come as America’s dominoes fall)

    ~United States Postal Service (USPS)

    It needs a NAME change. It should be “United Junk Mail Services and Some Mail”.

    When I go to my mailbox, I get a ratio of 5:2:1 (five junk, 2 credit card offers, 1 legitimate piece of mail).

    I have a system for the junk and credit card pieces. I won’t say because I am afraid it will hurt their “NO feelings”.

    (to be continued as the price of stamps go up-up-up-up and away and without helium)

    For those of you that sneaked out for a smoke during Chemistry Class and later got jobs as doctors and pharmacists – helium’s definition is:

    helium (he·lee·um) n. Symbol “He” – a colorless, odorless inert gaseous element occurring in natural gas and with radioactive ores. It is used as a component of artificial atmospheres and laser media, as a refrigerant, as a lifting gas for balloons, and as a superfluid in cryogenic research. Atomic number 2; atomic weight 4.0026; boiling point –268.9°C; density at 0°C 0.1785 gram per liter.

    ~U. S. Treasury Department – remember when they decided to redesign the U.S. currency? It was supposed to be counterfeit proof. It isn’t! I have never seen so much new money being scrutinized under the cashier’s eagle eye and marked up with marking pens in all my history. Fire the head of U.S.T.D, fire the design team, fire the department that though up the idea of new money. It has cost taxpayers billions. They are going to print our country out of debt.

    (to be continued as the money is redesigned and more confusing)

    ~Veteran Affairs Administration (VA) – a conglomerate of departments that have been trained to say “NO!” If you won’t go away – delay-delay-delay ’til you give up and go away. A place where records get shredded for no reason and employees don’t know why. A place where 500 signs give you new directions every time you visit their facility (all caps and a small helvetica font). A place where they delay so you will die and go away. A place that thinks they are giving you medical treatment for FREE and to this day they don’t know you have already paid the price for their treatment, many times over. Ever heard the expression, “it will cost you an arm and a leg.”

    Veterans can visit a VA clinic and ask for some medical help (example: bad teeth) and if you are not a retired lifer in the military or a purple heart recipient, missing most of your body parts, having a catatonic glaze – good luck on getting your teeth tended to. If a vet has a heart problem such as a pacemaker/defibrillator and you have bad teeth – that is NOT GOOD say cardiologists. Unhealthy teeth indicate bacteria in the blood stream which is not good for your heart condition. I know veterans that get less medical help than dogs and cats at the animal shelter. The next time you see a veteran wearing a U.S. flag – that is a symbol he loves his country , but not the VA.

    If you are lucky enough to get a real voice when you call the VA and your conversation goes for 30 seconds or more , the VA employee will tell you, “I’m not going to argue with you….” It never fails, they think you are argumentative. Do you suppose it is frustration and the fact that YOU ARE SICK and this is not a chitchat call from the vet!

    The next time you pass a van full of older folks click-clacking down the not-freeway and it has some type of signage on it that usually indicates veterans, or a big U.S. flag decal on the side, military slogans, etc. – chances are that is some sick veterans going to a VA outpatient clinic or VA hospital. The majority of times their destination is hundreds of miles away. These vans operate by volunteerism. The more the VA transports you and delays help for you the better chance of your dying will save the VA money. I’m sure you have heard the expression “hurry up and wait”? In the vet world it is “delay and die”.

    If you think you are feeling down and depressed – go visit a VA clinic, look around at all the mangled, hung-out-to-dry war heroes that stood up for their country (WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc.) Look around and watch how they are herded like cattle in and out of the departments and talked over and down to, count all the 8 1/2″ x 11″ computer generated signs taped all over the walls giving info and directions that will make one dizzy getting around to reading all of them. There seems to be someone in charge of putting them up , but not keeping them up-to-date and taking them down – it will let you know that your problem is nothing compared to their treatment and situation. As you go in be careful and don’t trip over all the wheelchairs and home made directional signs near the entrance. Joe Biden probably wouldn’t ask anyone sitting in a wheelchair at a VA clinic to stand up please. Joe Biden may be an indicator as to how many “poly-particians” in Washington know about veterans and their conditions. Rule 101: don’t ask a stranger in a wheelchair to stand up.

    Washington seems to know what to do with our troops when it comes to calling them up, training them and sending them off to war, but they have no idea as to what to do with them if the make it back.

    Another point – Don’t buy anything from the VA vending machines – there is nothing wholesome on the menus not even nutritious. Probably 75 percent of the vets in the lobby are diabetic due to a dioxin “Agent Orange” (AO as it is commonly cussed). “Google it” so you can understand where vets are coming from. I don’t know enough horrific words to describe what these AO manufacturers of Agent Orange poison is doing to Vietnam and Korean war vets. Some have been taken to court for damages.

    AO Defendants such as:

    Diamond Shamrock Corporation
    Dow Chemical
    Hercules, Inc.
    Hooker Chemical Co. (Hooker is a common name)
    Monsanto Corp.
    Northwestern Industries, Inc.
    North American Phillips Corp.
    Occidental Petroleum Corp.
    Uniroyal Merchandising Co.

    When I say “vets” – I’m including all the armed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp, Coast Guard). The VA is discriminatory toward the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp and Coast Guard when it comes to Agent Orange complaints and medical care. Can you say “Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin” (if not just say TCDD for short), it is a member of the dioxin group, and is believed by many scientists to be the MOST toxic of all synthetic chemicals. Agent Orange came in other Paris designer colors ( blue, green, pink, purple, white) that were sprayed on the fields and jungles of Vietnam by U.S. forces Operation Ranch Hand. It was a type of “Ranch Dressing” Agent Orange got into the salads, the “fresh” water the military drank, the “fresh” milk, the ice cream, the air they breathed, the food they ate, the shower water, the streams they crossed, the jungle leaves they brushed by, the ground they slept and sat on, their laundry, and the list goes on.

    The “Blue Water Vets” (Navy vets) even breathed it, drank it from the desalinization systems on board their ship, showered in it and even have some of the same side effects from AO and still the VA discriminates against them. For some reason the Department of Veteran Affairs hasn’t looked up the word “veteran” in the dictionary. Evidently the water flow, air and atmosphere over Vietnam halts at the shoreline and borders.

    I’m depressed now after “puking” out these lines of text about Agent Orange and its nightmares (“vomit” or “regurgitate” to you political correctness watch dogs).

    P.S. what ever happened to the commission looking into VA hospitals and the treatment (misnomer) that goes on there? I heard they slowly died off due to the mold and mildew. Did another crisis come along and knock it off the soap box and out of the limelight (or is it calcium light)?

    P.S. I have got to give the VA some credit. They did give a vet a new cane with a brand new rubber tip. His old cane looked like it had been run over, bent in the shape of an “S” curve, 10 fleaks of paint still hanging on, its tip was now an o-ring, its handle was slick as glass. I saw that with my own eyes. The vet walked out taller and had a Tennesse Walking horse smoothness to his gate.

    (more to come on the VA as it keeps shootin’ its own foot)

  • 23Sep
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    Some words of advice about the internet. Use it for a library (beware of lots of misinformation). Use it for a shopping catalogue – then go buy it from a store and keep your neighbor in a job. The shipping is a rip-off. If your internet purchase breaks one week later – it’s an uphill climb and most of the time – too bad. Try getting a customer service rep that speaks good English. It can really corrupt children’s minds. Porn is rampant on the internet and parent’s wonder why puberty sets in early. More and more of the internet is out to sell the information instead of making it available for FREE. It has redefined the word free. Free usually means 30 days later we change our mind and take it back Jack. Now you have to uninstall to prevent the crawls or it turns your computin’ into a Rasputin.

    It is good for ground anchored businesses but can be bad for cyber space anchored businesses- here today, move tomorrow. The internet is a mega-storage place for lies (another reason to be looking over the shoulders of your children on the internet. The one good thing about the internet is the e-mail, despite the SPAM and “You’ve Not Got Mail” bells and whistles. You can’t beat technology that gives you a mouse in one hand and an arrow on the screen that will click you around the world instantly. Ref: Daniel 12:4 …Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.”

    (to be continued)

  • 22Sep

    Hugo’s Putin

    Putin Russians are sending the next phase of threats to the U.S. This time they are heading to the warm waters of Venezuela where Hey Hugo Chavez (another OPEC wanna-be and Castro’s protege) is jumping up and down on the beach – “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming.” It is a gas thing. ‘Putin’ the squeeze on America’s “south forty neighbors.” The Russian ex-KGB leftover turned leader of Russia, is sending ‘Peter the Great’, a small pawn in this game (chess game piece) of Russia’s nuclear Navy which includes a huge battle cruiser and 3 screen ships (destroyers) also known as ‘sitting ducks for the bigger prize duck’. His goal is to abscise (cut-off) and divide the two Americas. Think of it this way, those ships docked in Venezuela are a floating missile base AIMED at the U.S. Dispite Washington’s corruption and nearly broke freedom loving remote controller junkies.  The communist brain washed and economically depressed South America want to blackmail us by inviting the Russains to dinner. Earlier while American’s were sleeping, watching football, gambling off-shore, playing computer war games, driving their bank-owned gas guzzler and not-payin’-attention-‘n-class-types – Russia is flying their bomber bears over with pieces of their air force. You know, such little pieces as ‘STRATEGIC’ bombers loaded to the gut with things that can remove Miami from the map as Fido Castro would enjoy seeing done.

    The Kremlin recently has targeted the Caribbean, Hey Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, Fido Fidel’s brother’s Cuba and other Latin American countries. War between Russia and Georgia (no, not the state of Georgia – please come back all you people that moved out of Georgia into Florida due to the attack by Putin Russians) has caused a lot of movement on the chess board.

    Dick Tator Chavez has repeatedly warned that the U.S. Navy poses a threat to Venezuela.

    Putin Russia agreed to $4 billion worth of weapons to Hugo’s toy chest. Hugo must have been taught sharing by his mother because in return for Russian weapons he wants to share his resources. The toy list comprises of such things as submarines, fighters, helicopters, troop guns, air defense hardware and software, armored vehicles and plenty of classroom training. All this in exchange for scratching Putin’s back.

    Hugo’s Venezuela is the 9th largest oil siphoner in the world. He will give America a hand gesture as soon as Russia’s oil technology kicks in for him — another reason NOT to buy CITGO in a neighborhood near you.

    (to be continued)

  • 17Sep

    Some people are just plain dead. Some people are not. My parents and grandparents to the rest of the world are just plain dead. Elvis Presley is not plain dead. He still earns millions of dollars annually. My plain dead parents and grandparents don’t earn a dime. They have not contributed to the tax system in decades. They don’t have to worry about the death tax and property tax. As for their voting status, not to my knowledge. They have donated much to the America, they settled wilderness, lived in harmony with Native Americans until terrorism divided and built a wall of hate between the two peoples. They helped build a foundation that you and I are standing upon at this very moment. The ones that cared didn’t pollute and and leave broken signs of civilizations along the roadside. They were law makers that had Old Europe in mind and the things that worked and didn’t. I owe what I have and what I am to them and my Maker. I didn’t buy a ticket to come here, I was predestined and programmed and I have a purpose other than what I think. My maker rates me up there with the smallest of sparrows. A gate is the opening and the exit as well. Be informed when entering and even more informed when exiting. I hope to leave this world’s manmade mess a little better off than when I entered it.

    Death of a Pet

    We are so sad to hear about
    your friend,
    your baby,
    your buddy,
    your long time companion,
    your rock,
    your watchman of the doors and windows and the welcome mat,
    your daily welcome-er and home greeter,
    your warmth during cold days,
    your best friend that never has a say,
    your sparkling set of eyes when yours are sad,
    your occupier of memories forever,
    your guard of your posessions,
    your non-complainer of all things,
    your jumper of joy,
    your daily play toy,
    your occupier of special space in your heart,
    your smile maker on a blue day,
    your interior array of light on a rainy day,
    your cushion when you nap,
    your trained and obedient shadow,
    your first 4-legged friend in Heaven to greet you someday,
    God takes away a friend and gives you another one.
    He has plenty to go around and yours is coming someday soon.
    by Paul & Ida

    Please watch and listen to this video (which comes from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8,11)

    Click here: Ecclesiastes 3

    (to be continued)

  • 17Sep
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    Your health is your own choice. “You are what you pig out on everyday,” said a pig farmer. Or is it “you are what you eat.” Your health is inside and out. It is in your brain, it is inside your body or it flaps from your outer skin. A good way to start finding out about your health is to step on up on the dreaded weight scale. You know, that thing that just occupies space in the bathroom and intimidates you while you go potty (Bostonians, I’m talking about a commode here). It lies every time you step up to the facts.

    Until we wake up to the fact that if we cram 3000 calories in our mouth doesn’t necessarily mean 3000 calories come out in the bathroom. Any septic service man (or woman) will tell you he/she has never found any calories floating around in the sewage during his or her career. Note: this political correctness is word overkill.

    If the people of the government did anything right – it is the food labels found on our food packaging. Those guidelines tell us up front either how to stay slim or make us less slim. Learn to read the labels right after you learn how to use the TV guide and open child proof lids. Life is quite simple. It is made up of servings, fats, calories, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, protein, vitamins, water and minerals. Too much or too little of these can help you or hurt you. If you learn these 12 things too late in life, then you get to spend all your income on what is known as pharmaceuticals (that means drugs for those that don’t use a dictionary). If you believe in the “BIG BANG” these may eventually turn into 13 or more. If you believe in the fish came up out of the water and started walking over to the tree where the monkeys lived and told the monkeys to come down and start walking upright like me theory – then maybe someday a fish will hand you a perfect diet list for good health. But for now, let’s go by what we as humans have come up with through R&D (research and development) and just plain experience.

    Daily Health

    Wake up everyday (that is at the top of the list), eat right (get the daily nutrition recommended for the body – see food labels), use good hygiene (wash your hands often – those teachers told us to share, but lets not share our germs), eat healthy foods (excludes junk and most fast-foods), kiss the spouse, kiss the kids, earn a paycheck by working 5 days a week (or be the keeper of the palace and let the spouse work), pay into the tax system, maintain a budget and live within it (even Bill Gates of Microsoft has a budget), own fuel efficient vehicle(s), drive the speed limit (your tax money paid for and erected those signs to protect our children, be polite, don’t smoke or chew, use the cell phone safely, participate in your doctor’s recommended exercise, don’t take in any manmade altered, fermented, dyed, artificially flavored, enhanced liquids, unpronounceable imports, and drink plenty of water, have good bowel movements, pee out your daily waste and poisons (that is why we pee daily and have bowel movements). It really isn’t just a waste of our time several times per day for this natural body function – its healthy.

    Be Proud Of Your Bowel Movements

    If it is the color of typical cardboard box, that is typically a good color.
    Get familiar with the Bowel Movement Color Code (search “bowel movement color” at webmd.com).


    Get familiar with the pee and bowel movement color codes. Normal urine color is yellow (a straw color). A really light yellow may indicate you drink lots of water (water in – water out). Visit the web site UrineColors.com for more information.

    The three main causes of abnormal urine color are:

    A. Health issues

    B. Foods consumed

    C. Medicines taken

    If you want Skin Cancer here is how to get it

    • Having fair or light skin color (the sun knows no race, color or creed).
    • Living in places with intense sunshine (atolls, remote islands and sunny places to visit or live).
    • Having skin that burns easily (from pink to red like a graffiti artist painting speeding train).
    • Having light eyes and blond, red or light brown hair (no blond jokes here).
    • Having a family history or personal history of skin cancer (those ugly genes and the family tree).
    • Having a fun and sometimes not so fun outdoor job (e.g. lifeguard without an umbrella).
    • Having severe sunburns as a child (“yo momma’s fault”).
    • Taking medicines that lower your immunity or certain medications that increase your sensitivity to sunlight (you know, that stuff that shrinks your wallet at the doctor’s office and pharmacy).
    • Blessed with an abundance of large, ugly (u-g-l-y) and irregularly-shaped moles.

    If you don’t want Skin Cancer here are some tips to help Protect Yourself?

    NOTE: this includes smoggy, cloudy or overcast days as well:

    • Apply an earthly “Star Wars” shield (sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or greater 30 minutes before sun exposure and then every few hours thereafter.
    • UV protection – Select cosmetic products and contact lenses, sunglasses that offer UV protection.
    • Avoid prime time peak UV radiation hours (direct sun exposure 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.)
    • Hide by covering up like a spy when going outdoors (slip on a long sleeve shirt or put on that ugly hat someone gave you).
    • Avoid cocoons and artificial sales technology spins (tanning beds and sunlamps). After all we were born pink and why does everyone try to change their color pallet.

    (to be continued)

  • 15Sep
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    Every second a thousand barrels of oil/gas is consumed in the world. There are 42 gallons in a barrel (not to be confused with 55 gallons in a drum).

    Unless you live wild in a cave, YOU use electrical energy and fuel energy.  Look around at this moment and find what things are using energy in your home. Some you have a choice of turning ON and OFF. But now we have a third choice and it is called NEVER! This means you do not have a choice (phantom energy users – gadgets that have components that need energy around the clock 24 hours per day seven days a week). So now while we sleep, not only is your body conserving energy during rest, but your house gadgets are USING energy while you are not using them.

    Your car in the garage (if it is fairly new it is using battery energy while it is parked for certain functions),

    As you look around here are some typical examples:

    ~Lamp (day or night – sometimes both),

    ~Clock (it may be plugged in to an outlet or it gets its energy from a battery, if so, you paid up front for that battery for futuristic energy,

    ~Computer (usually can contain several gadgets that are also attached using energy and LEDs*,

    ~Home security panel (may or may not contain a LED(s)*,

    ~Monitor for computer (may be on standby mode or screen saver mode),

    ~Night lights through out the home (LEDs*),

    ~TV (if it is off it may still be using energy to keep the remote control settings, its built in clock and timer to go off or come on, it may even have a bright shinning LED* etc),

    ~Radio (energy for the blinking numbers, timer, clock or an LED* is shinning brightly),

    ~Illuminated Wall Switch Plates (LED(s)*),

    ~Microwave Oven (blinking clock or just numbers 00:00 – on and off 24/7),
    ~Coffee Maker,

    ~Refrigerator (some new electronic ones have LEDs* and a display status panel (bells & whistles),

    ~And other numerous electronic gadgets found throughout the home, yard landscaping, garage, etc.

    To find out what a particular electronic device uses in electricity, look on the sticker which is usually on the back or underneath the device for example: 15A 125VAC 60HZ Made in U.S.A.

    To Find Watts:

    ~ Look for the watts on your electric gadget, or on the info booklet or sheet that came with it.

    ~ If by chance there is no Watts figure, only amps and volts (often appearing as VAC), multiply the AMPS by the VOLTS to get the amount of WATTS. Example: 15A 125VAC 60HZ (15A x 125V = 1877 Watts).

    Steps to find what a Fifty Watt Appliance will cost for one month:

    A. 100W x 24 hours/day = 2400 Watts……..(the appliance is used 24 hours per day)
    B. 2400 divided by 1000 = 2.4 kWh…………2.4 is the result of dividing by 1000 kWh
    ……………………………………………………………(“kilo Watt hours”)
    C. 2.4 x $0.12 = $0.288/day…………………($0.12 (twelve cents) per day cost to run
    D. $0.288/day x 30 = $8.64/month…………daily cost ($0.12) x number of days
    ……………………………………………………………in month (e.g. 30 days)

    If you have ever ridden in a Taxi, think of your electrical gadgets as being a Taxi Meter.

    When you flip the light switch ON the meter starts running to empty your wallet.  This goes for anything electrical in your home. Those meters are ticking away. So when you leave a room, turn OFF those meters if possible. Save some money and some energy. Think of the coal, trees, gas, oil, barrels, nuclear fuel, transport of energy costs and hydro generated energy you will help save.

    *LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. A semiconductor diode has several definitions but in this case it is an electronic device that restricts current flow chiefly to one direction. They typically emit a single wavelength of light when charged by electricity. Think of it as a tiny, tiny, tiny light bulb and only a very small amount of electricity is permitted to go through this tiny bulb to create the illumination you see as a bright light (originally red, now yellow, green, blue, white). The tip of the probe inside the tiny glass enclosure determines the color emitted. To illuminate red and yellow, “aluminum indium gallium phosphide” (AlInGaP) is used. To emit red and blue, “Indium gallium nitride” (InGaN). To emit white light just add phosphor. It is also known as a phantom electricity user. You have no choice to turn it directly off (most of the time), it is built in as part of the electronic device you purchased to use (clock radio, computer, microwave, a charger, coffee maker, etc.). It just comes on when you plug in the device.

    T Boone Pickens
    He has an idea to help solve our energy crisis. Check his sight out at and get behind this plan. We need an
    energy plan. His plan is Solar, Wind, Natural Gas and other fuels that we have in waiting to tap and put into a U.S. Something we don’t have presently and while we are at it – fire the dead wood at the Department of Energy for doing nothing for the last 25 years.

    Remember: ON vs. OFF.

    (to be continueds as the price of energy is due to greed and people’s distraction of what is really going on)


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