• 19Feb

    Now let me try to get this straight (poor choice of a word that is not politically correct).  Now let me try to understand our present predicament – the LEFT HAND of the U.S. government is aborting children like a Vegas one arm bandit, as well as aborting children in 3rd world countries with taxpayers money and at the same time the other LEFT HAND of the government is taxing and creating an infinite atmospheric portion of debt for children that are not even born yet. This must be some kind of new math theory from MIT or HaHaHAVOD (a school that was originally founded by religious patriots with founding father ideals).  The way I figure, killing-off future taxpayers will in direct proportion affect Social Security funds and future funding of America’s needs. Why who knows, several of those aborted babies may have been destined to be president or the discoverer of the cure for cancer, or a hybrid-NASCAR champ, or possibly another Madonna (let me think that one over).


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