• 15Nov

    ~President Barack ( _.) Obama has come up with his Health Care Plan.

    NOTE: Just so you will know, in the comments below, the “United States of America” has been CHANGED to “UN States of America”  – Obama has CHANGED it. It is now a business partnership with the United Nations’ 57 states of Islam – some comically prefer “NY.S. of America”. This was done at a late crescent moon and dark of the night meeting behind the White House wood shed while George and Laura were asleep. To get in the meeting, one had to know the secret password to get by the Al HAMbra ALAobama secret service men and women. The password was discovered by a goat being used on the palace grounds as a new and CHANGED green idea. The goat was discovered eating a written code on bogus Oval Office letterhead, “the cow jumped over the moon” it read. Rumor is the CIA couldn’t agree if “moon” was misspelled or not.

    I don’t make this stuff up folks.
    Ask the UN.CIA  or the UN.FBI – be careful though most of them have voice-mail and caller I.D. and are in someone’s bed asleep. Especially the ones in charge of the UN.S. Satellite Recon over Russia and Georgia. Lets hope that is a ‘CHANGE-a-comin’.

    The Health Plan

    Summarizing here, the plan is basically every American (including babies – excluding Illegals) will pay $10/day for health coverage. At the end of the year, Senator McCain’s idea ($5000 plan) will be deducted from what ever unpaid premium balance is due. The difference will go to the CHANGED people as an incentive that tried and didn’t use their medical care insurance unless they really, really, really, really, absolutely have to use it. Then our new and CHANGED Chinese allies will give the UN.S. any money needed to make up the balance for those that went over their premiums in cost. However, due to the new CHANGED D.C. negotiation teams in Washington, D.C. the UN.S. must agree to turn over California in lieu of payment. Since we have already given the Chinese Long Beach, California and the Panama Canal, the CHANGE negotiators thought it was a great deal, after all, most of it has burned down over the years. It will get rid of the other 49 states from having to subsidize Californians who want to live in the dry forest and weeds of California.

    China’s Return On Their Investment Plan

    There is a rumor circulating that China plans to go in business with the Western Native Americans and make it a large gambling haven for North America and all proceeds will be split 70/29 (1% going to charity). From the gambling losses of Americans, China has hopes to buy Wal-Mart (CHANGE it’s name to The Great Wall-mart of China) so they can eliminate their middle man from Arkansas.

    The Native Americans want to build an even larger border fence to keep ILLEGALS out to prevent their tribes from becoming just another minority in their own country. They also have plans to develop a parallel “Trail of Tears” super highway for all the eastern state gamblers. This will allow the DUI casino players to get there faster (a type of AUTOBAHN except spelled AUTOBANG). Some say they will have “Losers Exits” to get back home. The tow road has a catch thought. You have to buy their nonrefundable insurance before entering (I think it will be called “GetnGo”). They will use a slimy “water dog” salamander as their mascot and spokesperson (have you had a conversation with a customer service room full of lizards lately?). They intend to have the country’s first super train with onboard video gaming; horse racing; NAStCAR, live guillotine roulette; live capital punishment executions videos (a time betting gimmick for a reprieve); fixed and nonfixed sport gambling of all types; beer drinking contests; Krystal hamburger mouth stuffin’ & belly bustin’ with doctors officiating (did you know one can actually put a square bun in a round hole); unseen CNNN 3-D holographic videos of Islamic terrorist beheading Americans (Iraqis, unbiased reporters, Christians, and other miscellaneous non converters. I think the videos will be a partnership with CNNN, MSNBCC, Disney’s filthy ABCX and CBSs UN.S. funded Al Katie’s Evening Bias.

    Back To The Health Plan…

    Obama’s choice for heading up the UN.S. Department of Health, Dr. Jack Q. Kevorkian, who is on a sabbatical on the unburned northern California Island of Alcatraz (a rocky island in San Francisco Bay where lots of people have died and disappeared and reappeared). It was a military prison from 1859 to 1933 (before Satan gave us the ACLU) and a federal prison until 1963. It is now a goons tourist attraction. The island has long been known as “The Rock.”.  The local’s joke, “The Tomb-Rock”. Jack and his followers (that don’t seem to have any longevity) are hurriedly devising a Geriatrics Plan to help reduce the Medicare, Medicaid, VA Hospitals & Pensions and escalating IMetLife Nursing Home systems that will save the UN.S. trillions of dollars out into the future. The Washingtonian Salivating Caucus (group 13) can’t wait to iron out his plan and put it into action.

    The health plan has a really thoughtful, think tank (or is it thought stanks) type of name. Are you ready for this?

    Mutual of Obamahaha. I kid you not.

    It was devised by a new CHANGE consulting firm in the D.C. area by the name of “Ding, Ding & Ding & Associates (family run). It’s belongs to the eastern office of the firm Kenn Ya & Sue Dan and Associates headquartered in the world’s second largest continent. I am using an intentional biased suppression of the name of this continent as you have noticed “a trick” I have learned from the UN.S.biased news media.

    The Obama administration really wanted a change of ideas coming into the D.C. area to show the UN.S. citizens that CHANGE is a COMIN” bear with me now. Even thought it looks like a previous era made over from the Clinton control knobs decade.

    Speaking of GEOGRAPHY, here is an example of one type of secret donor LIBERAL (code name Olive Oil) who probably donated to and supported Obama’s LAND-o-CHANGE. See tilted and leaning left actress Joan Collins do the weather.

    (to be continued as long as our land is changing)


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